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InstaPilot – App Connects You With The Webs Most Engaged Buyers InstaPilot is a revolutionary “all-in-one” app connects you with the webs most engaged buyers for effortless sales… without paid ads. It is going to make using Instagram to drive traffic leads sales and profit super simple. What Is InstaPilot Social Media is a great way to get traffic turn it into leads and sales and profit from whats hot. The problem is social media engagement is dropping and to get peoples attention you have to spend more and more on ads. There is one platform that goes against this trend. Instagram boasts the best engagement of the big social networks. Statistics have proven 75 of your audience on this take immediate action on your offers. After years of heavily involving with social media marketing and using it to both drive sales for clients and build their own businesses. Sam Robinson along with his partner Victory Akpos have created several award-winning softwares to help independent marketers leverage social traffic and now is another software of these talented producers – InstaPilot After watching their ROI shrink consistently with Facebook then seeing the massive buying power on Instagram they set out to create the ultimate social traffic solution for marketers. InstaPilot is launching with an Early Bird special. It is going to make using Instagram to drive traffic leads sales and profit super simple. This revolutionary “all-in-one” app connects you with the webs most engaged buyers for effortless sales… without paid ads What Is InstaPilot InstaPilot is a web based app that makes the management and automation of any Instagram account super easy.

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It uses a number of powerful features to make the most of Instagram’s traditional features and some of the new ones marketers have yet to exploit A World First Software InstaPilot is the first software to allow you to take advantage of the new “story” feature inside Instagram. This lets you market directly to customers in a whole new way Laser Target A Buying Audience With InstaPilot you can build a highly targeted audience or even “steal” your competitors market and promote directly to them. A Huge Pool Of Hungry Buyers Instagram has over 600million monthly users that are easy to engage without paying for advertising. InstaPilot lets you go one further and helps connect then build your own following and finally promote and sell to them directly. You can even deliver offers directly to inboxes of anyone you choose It really is targeted engaged traffic WITHOUT paying for advertising. How Does InstaPilot Work Special Features of InstaPilot: INBOX: Users can check their instagram account inbox right from the web app and reply their messages. INTEGRATION: Ability to integrate single or multiple instagram accounts and also remove them off the web app at anytime. Users can also edit the information on their profile and manage their profile from the web app. SEARCH: Users can perform a keyword based search of pictures/videos or both on Hashtags Geotags Post and Users. Thereafter users can perform the following actions on the search result like comment autopost the picture or video to their profile or multiple instagram account connected to the web app post the media as story to their instagram profile download the

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images into their local computer or gallery in the web app also share the images to their audience followers/following of their profile. You can as well follow the followers and following of the listed users based on your keyword as well send them a direct message users can use the feature to promote their products/services to their potential clients based on keywords. TRENDING POSTS HASHTAGS: Users at a glance you can see trending posts hashtags based on their instagram most carried out activity based on the kind of pictures/videos they like and comment on. Users can further like the trending post comment on them to gain attention to their profile autopost to their profile post as story or share with their audience followers and following download the images into their local computer or gallery in the web app users can also share the images to their audience followers/following of their profile. send a direct message to all users of the trending items. AUTO-ENGAGEMENT: You can perform several auto engage actions like Auto comment Auto Like Auto follow Auto follow back Auto Unfollow etc based on targeted settings like tags usernames location etc. There is a report for this that shows clearly the progress made for all the auto engage actions. MANAGE FOLLOWERS: Users of InstaPilot can use this feature to select all his/her followers and follow them all with a click of the mouse or select specific users and follow them at once etc. Also importantly users can click on a particular user to find out details of the profile recent activities see their following/followers and then decide to follow an individual or them all by selecting all or ticking specific users to follow. Users can use this feature to drag the market share of their competitors by engaging with their competitor’s audience. Users can also promote their products by sending a direct message to all their followers inbox. MANAGE FOLLOWING: Users of InstaPilot can use this feature to select all his/her following and unfollow them as a bulk action or select specific users to unfollow etc. Also importantly users can click on a particular profile he is following to find out details of the profile recent activities see their own following/followers and then decide to follow an individial or them all by selecting all or ticking specific users to follow/unfollow. Users can use this feature to drag the market share of their competitors by engaging with their competitor’s audience. Users can also promote their products/services by sending a direct message to all their following profiles inbox.

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AUTO-POST: Users can post images videos from the web to their instagram profile. They can make an instant post or schedule a post to be posted in the future. Images or videos can be selected from their gallery where downloaded images are stored or from their local computer. Users can post to single or multiple accounts at once. STORY POST: Users of InstaPilot can use this new feature to share all the moments of their day not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos they appear together in a slideshow format: your story. With Instagram Stories you don’t have to worry about overposting. Instead you can share as much as you want throughout the day — with as much creativity as you want. The photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed. So marketers can use this feature to showcase their new products. Users can post to single or multiple accounts at once. DIRECT MESSAGING: Users can send message to an individual follower/following or select all their followers/following and send direct message to them all. Marketing wise they can use it to advertise their product. Also under search they can find profiles relating to their keywords and send them direct message. YOUTUBE TO INSTAGRAM: Users can search for youtube videos right from the web app based on keywords preview and post it to their Instagram profile. The web app automatically cut it to the allowed timeframe supported by Instagram. ECOMMERCE INTEGRATION: This feature is an exciting one as it enables InstaPilot user to engage and sell their affiliate products to their instagram audience. Users will create a store on the app get their unique store link updated in their instagram profile update their affiliate details of amazon ebay aliexpress and shopify import product into their store on instapilot from any of the supported affiliate platforms. Users can upload a logo they want the store to have and a store name. MANAGE STORE: This is where users input their preferred call to action they want to append to all products posted from their store on instapilot to their instagram profile. This is basically where they manage their products like post to instagram profile schedule for future posting post product on Facebook Twitter share product details with their Instagram followers/following delete from store etc. ANALYTICS: This is where users get report of the result of auto-engagement actions. Web app reports the number of likes comments follow a profile has gotten etc.

slide 5: GALLERY: This is where users can download any images or video they find interesting while searching on keywords for later usage. They can also download trending images into gallery or upload images and videos from their local computer into gallery for them to post to their instagram profile. How It Works: The Software is Able To:  Let BRAND NEW Instagram Users Profit By Quickly Creating Audiences Of Engaged Followers...  Allow Users To Spy On Their Competitors And Ethically Steal Their Traffic To Drive Leads Sales And Profits.  Exploit The Best And Latest Instagram Features To Promote For Profit WITHOUT The Need To Pay For Ads... Control ALL Your Instagram Marketing Under ONE Dash InstaPilot is truly an all-in-one Instagram marketing solution. You can perform any marketing activity from inside the cloud-based dash … whether you’re on desktop OR mobile. Login: To View The Dashboard And All Options Available To You At A Glance... Integration: Connect Unlimited Personal IG Accounts PLUS Your FB Twitter Profiles So Later You Can Instantly Share Posts Across Your Networks … Saving You HOURS Of Time. Configure And Customize Your IG Profile From Right Inside Instapilot Leverage the power of IG private messaging with the inbox feature. View reply and send new private messages to your followers from inside the dashboard. reports that 47 of millenials use IG as a messaging app - so take advantage of this powerful feature

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Turn On The Traffic: Instapilot’s POWERFUL Search Feature Gives You MULTIPLE Ways To Drive 100 Free Traffic:  Run A Keyword Search For Trending VIRAL Media Posts.  Each Clickable Result Gives You Multiple Options. Simply Like Or Comment On The Viral Posts To Draw Immediate Attention To Your Profile … Or …  Filter Results Based On Hashtags Geotags Posts Or Users.  Choose “Manage Post” To Customize It And Post To Your Profile Post As A Story Even SHARE To Your Followers And Those Following You By promoting proven VIRAL content OTHER people have created YOU get floods of targeted traffic to your profile posts offers Legally Steal Your Competition’s Audience InstaPilot already lets you use other people’s viral content as your own. It ALSO lets you tap into your competition’s followers so you can build targeted audiences from scratch: From inside the search feature click on the “users” tab. You’ll get a list of user profiles interested in YOUR keyword … this group represents both a targeted audience AND your best competition. Each profile is clickable so you can see specific user activity … meaning what they’re interested in and what they’re promoting. From there you can follow ANY or ALL of their followers. Creating specific niche audiences has never been easier and it doesn’t cost a DIME inside of InstaPilot This traffic SNOWBALL just gets bigger … because for each new person you follow you’ll be able to see who is following them … and then FOLLOW the FOLLOWERS This audience-building snowball keeps bringing targeted traffic straight back to your profile posts and offers. Plus you can unfollow non-buyers then immediately create brand new audiences by simply rinsing and repeating this method.

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Leveraging Viral Content For Profit The idea of using OTHER people’s trending content for profit isn’t new. Companies like BuzzFeed Upworthy and Wittyfeed have created massive wealth simply by sharing other people’s content. InstaPilot is the 1st solution that does it with the world’s most ENGAGED social platform. The formula works we’ve just made it accessible to anyone and tapped into the hottest group of ACTIVE BUYERS online by customizing it for Instagram. Targeted traffic automated sales a constantly growing audience … WITHOUT:  Creating A Single Piece Of Content Yourself Ever Again.  Paying A Dime For Ads.  Wasting Hours On Boring Tedious “Market Research” Check this out in the Demo Video below to see InstaPilot in action: Who Should Use InstaPilot Good news is Instagram is an incredibly easy platform to get used to. The included live trainings will walk you through connecting your account with InstaPilot so you can get up and running fast. Users can promote any kind of their products. Sell your own products affiliate products or use InstaPilot to build your list. Your Instagram profile can feature a link to whatever you have to offer and the software will ensure you get tons of hyper-engaged users checking out your posts and profile. Why Should You Get InstaPilot Now Even More Powerful Features Include:  Social Media Syndication - Seamlessly Connect Your FB And Twitter Accounts So You Can Share EVERY One Of Your Instagram Posts Across Your Social Networks. Get Floods Of Targeted Traffic Just By Sharing Proven Viral Content.  Cloud-Based Media Gallery - Use Our Servers To Securely Store ALL The Media You Find On Instagram Both Images AND Videos. Upload Files From Your Local Device Into The Gallery And Find What You Need In Seconds For Future Posts To Drive Even More Traffic.

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 Complete Video Training - Even Though This Software Is “Plug-N-Play” We’re Including An Extensive Library Of Video Training Resources. Each Designed To Walk You Step By Step Through Every Element Of The Software And How To Use It To Maximize Your Results.  Industry Leading Support Updates - We Use The Software Ourselves So Have A Devoted Development Team In Place To Keep It Up To Date. If You Ever Have A Technical Issue Just Contact Our Support Team And We’ll Drop EVERYTHING To Get You Up And Running Fast  Post Scheduler - Decide When And How Often You Want To Post Trending Content. Post Immediately Or Schedule A Date In The Future. Even Create Ongoing Traffic Campaigns By Telling The Software To Re-Post At Intervals YOU Decide … For Ongoing Engagement With Your Audience There’s absolutely no doubt Instagram has massive potential for marketers. By now you’ve seen exactly how InstaPilot is going to drive you profits. Sam Robinson and Victory Akpos are SO excited this software that they want to give you every chance to success. So they are including the following priceless bonuses when you take action today through my link. Exclusive Bonuses From InstaPilot Bonus 1 - InstaWID WordPress Plugin Bonus 2 - InstaWP Auto Poster Bonus 3 - Live Coaching Webinars with Sam Robinson Special Early Bird Bonuses When You Purchase InstaPilot You Also Get Instant Access To These Incredible Bonuses Early Bird Bonus 1: White Label Rights - Syndsocial Discover How You Can Cash In With Complete Hands-Off Campaigns Anyone Regardless of Experience Can Create In Minutes

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Early Bird Bonus 2: Resell Rights to WP Viral Click Plugin Secret "Plug-and-Play" WP Plugin Will Unleash An Unstoppable Tsunami Of Visitors Straight To Your Blog  You can also change every link from original website into your link  You can add HTML code before and after the content  You can add widgets to give effect and edit the content  You can add a popup  You can add a slide-in  You can see the statisticsfor views and clicks Early Bird Bonus 3: Resell Rights Simple Membership Generator Software Easy To Use Software Generates A Super Profitable Membership Site In Just A Few Simple Steps Membership websites are one of the best online business models that you can make a lot of money on the internet. This is because most membership sites have recurring subscription based type of product which means that you get paid again and again after the subscription expires. The thing is that there are only few successful membership websites on the internet that are earning huge profit. Not just because of the lack of information but also because of the technicalities of the process. The good news is that inside this product is a tool that will help you build a simple membership website that you can profit from the internet. Early Bird Bonus 4: WP Profit Doubler Software Instantly Create Your Own Complete Moneymaking Video Site Featuring Adsense and Amazon Ads Unique Web Pages SEO Solutions and Much More  120 videos sourced from YouTube. When you use the software it fetches the latest selection of most popular videos for this particular niche. So when you

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build your site you can be sure it will be fully up to date with the very latest videos  Content provided by extracting random snippets from a set of 20 private label articles ensuring that your pages are unique and contain niche-targeted content  Optional Adsense ad units featuring your Adsense ID on each video page  Optional custom text ad units instead of Adsense ad units on each video page. You can advertise anything you want such as affiliate links. The custom text ads are entered just by editing a simple text file.  Randomly generated cross links on all pages to make the site structure different to that of any other website - and to ensure full search engine spidering of your site  Professional looking home pages featuring thumbnails of each video  Quality header graphic automatically customized with your chosen text Early Bird Bonus 5: WP Testimonial Pro This is a fantastic plugin that not only will save you time and money but also it will allow you to quickly and easily increase your profits in a way you’d never imagine  Its easy to use and you can install in less than 30 seconds  Display Testimonials from your Clients or Supporters  Display Reviews of your Product or Service  Display a List of Quotes  Link Case Studies  Complete Control: Customize it the Way you want much more Early Bird Bonus 6: WP Tube Monetizer Get Monetizing Any You Tube Video In Just A Few Clicks Today

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Early Bird Bonus 7: WP Tube Maximizer Quickly and easily monetize and add content to any You Tube video in just minutes Quickly And Easily Monetize And Add Content To Any Youtube Video In Under 5 Minutes And Watch In Amazement How Your Income Literally SOARS Through The Roof We All Know That Video Is The Future…Why Aren’t You Monetizing Or Adding Content To Your Videos In Order To Maximize Your Revenue Here’s How You Can Double And Even Triple Your Blog Income…Almost Overnight. Inside this product you will witness the power of this amazing WordPress Plugin. You see the number one problem of most bloggers nowadays is the lack of income from their blog despite from their marketing efforts. Sure some of them struggle with generating visitors and while gererating traffic to a blog is quite complicated the real challenge lies in transforming people that land into your blog in cash. But there a very simple reason for that those who use videos for their blogs dont monetize or add content to them. If you want to make money you should definitely do this. Early Bird Bonus 8: Marketing Graphics Toolkit V3 A Huge Toolkit Of Premium Marketing Graphics To Help You Boost Your Activities And Business Online Conclusion Remember when you get InstaPilot during this special launch period you also qualify for an exclusive bonus pack. Finally make sure you get in before midnight tonight as the price will be rising sharply. You can benefit from InstaPilot today without any worries as its backed up with a solid 30 day guarantee. So what are you waiting for Tap into this today Get:

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