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Application maintenance is a broad and an on-going process, hence, this service is highly important for businesses of every domain.


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Significance of Application Support Maintenance Services In order to enhance and extend the life of applications its’ maintenance and management is considered as an integral element. The application is the modern reality and it changes regularly thus application maintenance comes into action to evolve with the changes and sometimes to be a step ahead of the changes. Nowadays organizations are much dependent on the technology i.e. software applications internet etc. for executing their day to day work. In this scenario it becomes an obligation for the organizations to maintain and manage these aspects to avoid any sort of barriers and to keep pace with rapidly changing market demands technology trends. “Cost of maintenance is 60 of a software’s development cost and approximately 60 of the cost of maintenance is incurred on its improvement”. The application support center is set up by the organizations to manage and customize their applications and software as per their requirements and sometimes support services are also outsourced from experts of Application Support Maintenance Services to derive higher returns. Application maintenance is a broad and an on-going process hence this service has been divided into the following categories:

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1. Adaptive: Systems are modified to match up with the changing business and technical environment. 2. Perfective: In order to improve the system’s performance and move towards perfection tuning of all elements functionalities and abilities is done. 3. Corrective: Determines errors from the existing systems and solutions to improvise the performance. 4. Preventive: Includes the adaptation of preventive measures for the future vulnerabilities that might occur. A primary objective of every organization is to move towards sustainable growth and overall development and in order to attain these objectives it is required to be trendy in terms of technological aspects. Application maintenance is essential due to the following reasons:  Access to Upgrade: Upgrades are necessary for improving organizational efficiency on a rapid basis and with every upgrade quality output as well as overall efficiency increases along with minimizing the occurrence of possible threats which could lead to application failure. Moreover upgrades are also required to retain customers’ interest.

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 Bug Fixing: For running the system seamlessly bug fixing is counted as the priority for the managed application support and maintenance department. Primary objective of this process is to detect and eliminate the errors from the code hardware operating system or any part of the application. While executing this process it is ensured that other functionalities of the application are not affected.

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 Improvement in Performance: People engaged in the maintenance of application mainly focus on improving its performance and for the same they regularly test the codes to avoid any type of error and failure. Reengineering and Data and coding restricting are the main parts of the application maintenance. They also ensure that applications are also safe from future vulnerabilities and threats like hacking. Every organization must set its vision and mission so that the applications systems and other relevant aspects could be customized in the same manner. Some organizations treat managed application support and management as an option but it is just like if you don’t maintain your car it may lead to its breakdown and the cost of its repair will be much higher in comparison to its regular touch up servicing oil change etc. Similarly application maintenance is a must to ensure smooth functioning of the system along with avoiding system failure. Source URL:

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Six Tips for Effective Application Monitoring In today’s time people spend most of their time on smartphone applications hence monitoring the applications has become necessary. Active monitoring helps IT companies in keeping visibility into the applications and know whether it is up and running smoothly or there is any down time or decreased performance. An effective application monitoring strategy gives organizations certain benefits:  Protecting brand reputation and revenue  Detecting and solving issues before users are impacted  Developing stability and feedback loops  Collecting information on usability and usage Maintaining proper application monitoring during day to day basis in IT operations can be complex and daunting. Therefore here are some quick application monitoring tips for effective application support and maintenance services.  Ensure Quality Quality is the most important concern hence IT technicians’ foremost focus should be on functional testing regression testing performance testing and load testing

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in all application development cycles – right from the beginning to ensure good quality. You can also reuse your testing scripts for production monitoring in order to streamline the process.  Prioritize Applications to be Monitored First The list of applications on which your customers rely is long. Applications not just bring business but also fuel its growth by keeping your customers hooked therefore they must consistently perform good and ultra-fast. Prioritize those critical applications which are used on a regular basis in order to run your business and monitor them first.  Proactively Monitor Applications from End-User Perspective Recipients are impatient hence you must monitor each one of the critical transactions from a customer’s perspective and then take response time measurements for each step to make sure SLAs are met. Because in 35 of cases the IT team learns about the issue when a user opens a ticket or calls. Therefore IT technicians should double check everything and then hand over the project to the client.  Decide Polling Frequencies and Alerting Policies IT companies must monitor key transactions more often to identify performance degradation signs earlier. Select a respective time to define who would be warned in the event of specific threshold breaches and fix the number of response time infractions that will trigger an alarm to eradicate wrong positives and alert storms.  Do Not Forget to Define your Custom Reports Certain metrics are vital for different stakeholders so IT technicians should take the time to map out role-based reports with convention information for each team and then allocate reports on an on-going basis to keep everyone informed and positioned.  Review Data Trends First of all collect the data to draw insights into the flow of your application and usage at various points. Always look for things like spikes during regular periods

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and how quickly applications respond to actions from users end and where your infrastructure might need further Managed Application Support. Be ready for both short-term and long-term patterns when developing troubleshooting strategies and doing capacity planning. The tips mentioned above will help you monitor your application performance more effectively. The most important aspect is that never forget to test the app as it will really bring effective results at every stage of your development process. Summary Change is the only constant in a technology-driven business world. The technology is transforming the business continuously hence organizations need to be proactive in embracing technology and updating the applications from time to time. Source URL:

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