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A mother-in-law unexpectedly visits her newly wed son and daughter-in-law. She rings the doorbell ........

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Her daughter-in-law answers the door stark naked. “What are you doing?” She asks. “I’m waiting for my husband to return home from work” She answers. “But you are naked !!” Says mother-in-law. “This is my love outfit” Explains the daughter-in-law.

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“Love outfit ?” “But you are stark naked !” “This is my husbands favourite outfit. We are both very happy with it”. “Can you please leave as my husband will be home any minute now”.

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The mother-in-law was fed up with the conversation and returned home...… On her way home she could not stop thinking about the “love outfit”. When she returns home, she undresses, has a bath, puts on her favourite perfume and waits for her husband in the living room. As he enters he sees her standing stark naked in the living room. “What are you doing, have you lost your mind?” Asks her husband shocked. “This is my love outfit” she answers, While she winks at him provocatively.... Her husband then says :

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Ano ka ba?!? Nasisiraan ka ba ng BAIT?!? PLANTSAHIN mo nga muna yang damit mo bago ka lumabas! SYET!!!

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