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Nowadays every one of us are going online for each need of our day to day life. And now it is a peak time to index the growth of various types of online card games. One of such card games is Rummy. S T A R T U P M A R T . N E T

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It is a group of matching-card games particularly for similar gameplay based on matching cards of the same rank or sequence and same suit. The basic goal in any form of rummy is to build melds which consist of sets. S T A R T U P M A R T . N E T

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Since years rummy has been most loved and widely played card games by a huge group of people. In this busy running life people started playing rummy online. Even in their hectic lifestyle players cannot stop playing this game. S T A R T U P M A R T . N E T

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It is being the best mind refreshing game for the people from their restless life. On keenly watching the demand for these games  the game app providing companies developed apps and started offering game apps for these game lovers all around the world. S T A R T U P M A R T . N E T

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History of Playing Cards  As a result of the usage of woodblock printing technology playing cards may have been invented during the Tang dynasty around the 9th century AD. The first possible reference to card games comes from a 9th-century text known as the Collection of Miscellanea at Duyang written by Tang dynasty writer Su E. S T A R T U P M A R T . N E T

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Types of Card Games  There several types of card games rather than rummy. There are other varieties of card games that can be developed that include two-player card games multi-player card games fun card games for 3 and so on. Some of the other best card games are S T A R T U P M A R T . N E T

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Poker Game          BlackJack game         Baccarat Game         Hearts Game          Roulette Game       Bingo Game          Slot Game S T A R T U P M A R T . N E T

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How to play the rummy card game  The rummy game is every simple to understand and play. After the equal distribution of cards to all the participants the player who is in the right of the dealer plays first and continues to play in counter-clockwise. S T A R T U P M A R T . N E T

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The player must discard a card face up after picking up a face-up or face-down card. If the player does not need the picked card he should drop any other card down but not the same card which he picked up. S T A R T U P M A R T . N E T

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The game continues until a player forms valid combinations of 13 cards. After the discarding the 14th card down the player will declare “Rummy” and faces up all the 13 cards to show that they form the required runs and sets. S T A R T U P M A R T . N E T

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Then a player wins the game. During the play the players should not show the cards to the co- participants. The card should be hidden in the Indian rummy until a player wins. In exceptional cases If there is no card is remaining in the stack and no one declared rummy as a result it is declared that the game is devoid and no one is the winner. S T A R T U P M A R T . N E T

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