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Hybrid cars:

Hybrid cars Improving fuel efficiency world wide.

Hybrid cars:

Hybrid cars There are many different types of cars on the road today. One way that people are trying to help the economy to day is coming out with hybrid cars. Fossil fuels such as gas, and oil are non renewable so we are trying to come up with a cheap and easy ways to still power automobiles with out using our fossil fuels.

Electric Hybrids:

Electric Hybrids An electric car is powered by only a battery and a motor to improve efficiency although many people don’t like the idea of an electric car because of its limited driving range and there long recharging times. But as battery technology and energy storage improve auto makers are expected to begin a new generation of improved electric cars

Hydrogen powered cars:

Hydrogen powered cars Another way people are coming up with efficient hybrid cars is Hydrogen fuel cell cars. Unlike a regular car engine a fuel cell does not burn fuel and does not have many moving parts. A fuel cell works in this way, a chemical reaction takes place that converts fuel “that being hydrogen” into electricity which in return makes the motor run. And just like a common hybrid the fuel cell stores energy captured during braking and deceleration in a battery to further improve the motor’s efficiency.

Diesel cars:

Diesel cars A diesel vehicle uses an engine that has a different combustion cycle than a gas engine. Diesel uses a higher compression ratio and higher combustion temperature diesels operate more efficiently than a gas engine. A gallon of diesel contains ten percent more energy than a gallon of gas so there for it takes less diesel than it takes gas to do the same job.

Ethanol cars:

Ethanol cars Ethanol is a renewable energy source made from agricultural feedstock's. Since it is made form only organic materials it also has a lower pollution rate than a gas engine reducing emissions by up to 50 percent. Ethanol does have its draw backs such as its higher priced, makes less energy, and it is not as widely availability. But even with those draw backs it is still much better for the environment.

Advantages and disadvantages of the hybrids:

Advantages and disadvantages of the hybrids Some advantages of the hybrid car are the better fuel economy and the environmental fact of the lower emissions of the vehicle. But at the same time there are also disadvantages of having a hybrid car some of the disadvantages are the higher prices on the cars and the lack of places and opportunities of getting the alternate fuels. Some of them also don’t have as much power as your average gas engine.