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Why DevOps Is Important (5 Reasons):

Why DevOps Is Important (5 Reasons)

They are ::

They are : Shorter Development Cycles, Faster Innovation Reduced Deployment Failures, Rollbacks, and Time to Recover Improved Communication and Collaboration Increased Efficiencies Reduced Costs and IT Headcount

1 . Shorter Development Cycles, Faster Innovation:

1 . Shorter Development Cycles, Faster Innovation When development and operations teams are in separate silos, it’s usually difficult to tell if an application is ready for operations. When development teams simply turn over an application, the operations’ cycle times are extended needlessly.

2 . Reduced Deployment Failures, Rollbacks, and Time to Recover:

2 . Reduced Deployment Failures, Rollbacks, and Time to Recover Part of the reason teams experience deployment failures is due to programming defects. The shorter development cycles with DevOps promote more frequent code releases. This, in turn, makes it easier to spot code defects. Therefore, teams can reduce the number of deployment failures using agile programming principles that call for collaboration and modular programming. Rollbacks are similarly easier to manage because, when necessary, only some modules are affected.

3 . Improved Communication and Collaboration:

3 . Improved Communication and Collaboration DevOps improves the software development culture. Combined teams are happier and more productive. The culture becomes focused on performance rather than individual goals. When the teams trust each other, they can experiment and innovate more effectively. The teams can focus on getting the product to market or into production, and their KPIs should be structured accordingly.

4 . Increased Efficiencies:

4 . Increased Efficiencies Increased efficiency helps to speed the development process and make it less prone to error. There are ways to automate DevOps tasks. Continuous integration servers automate the process of testing code, reducing the amount of manual work required. This means that software engineers can focus on completing tasks that can’t be automated.

5 . Reduced Costs and IT Headcount :

5 . Reduced Costs and IT Headcount All of the DevOps benefits translate to reduced overall costs and IT headcount requirements. According to Kevin Murphy from Red Hat, DevOps development teams require 35 percent less IT staff and 30 percent lower IT costs.

For More Visit : http://www.visualpath.in contact Us : 9704455959 :

For More Visit : http:// www.visualpath.in contact Us : 9704455959