Shutters Can Improve Insulation, Keeping the Heat

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External shutters will not only add value to your home but will also prevent heat from entering and will also reduce electricity costs. To learn more about the benefits, have a look at the attachment provided.


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Shutters Can Improve Insulation, Keeping the Heat Out:

Shutters Can Improve Insulation, Keeping the Heat Out

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There’s no debating it, it’s hot in Australia right now. Keeping your home cool as the temperature rises is a constant challenge, and surprisingly, one of the best ways to maintain a comfortable temperature is with better insulation.

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External shutters are an affordable and effective way to add value to your home, not only because they add style, but also because they help prevent heat from entering, and the cool air your air con generates from escaping.

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The best window shutters will help to lower your energy costs, reduce the amount of heat entering your home, control sunlight and possess good thermal properties.

Reduce Electricity Costs:

Reduce Electricity Costs Electricity costs are high in Australia, which makes energy efficiency a major focus of home design. Energy-efficient windows are great, but windows themselves don’t really possess any insulation qualities. Shutters can help improve the efficiency of your windows and your home’s energy performance by protecting it from the sun.

Reduce the Amount of Heat Entering a Home:

Reduce the Amount of Heat Entering a Home Running the air con day and night is a necessity during times like these, otherwise, heat transfer from the sun increases the temperature inside your home and can cause an uncomfortable and even dangerous environment.

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The virtual lack of insulation on windows causes heat to radiate inward during the summer, which forces your air con to work harder. Shutters, however, can control the amount of heat that enters your home, taking some of the strain off the air con.

Control Sunlight:

Control Sunlight Taking advantage of the natural light of the sun is a good way to utilise renewable energy – when it’s cool! Aluminium shutters, like the high quality Louvreshield shutters we sell, give you full control over the amount of light you allow in a room or outdoor space. These are a great option, no matter the time of year.

Absorb Heat With Good Thermal Properties:

Absorb Heat With Good Thermal Properties Choosing a style of shutter is all about personal preference, but when it comes to thermal properties, there’s far more to consider. Thermal performance is measured by the percentage of temperature difference achieved by a material .

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While most materials perform well, aluminium is truly one of the best. In fact, the reinforced extruded aluminium Louvreshield External Shutter is the top shutter in Australia. It’s durable, easy to clean and provides insulation like no other shutter in the country.

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If you’re ready to add function and style to your space, contact us to learn more about the shutters we sell!