Plan Your Wedding Reception According to Your Taste and Budget


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Finding the wedding reception in Las Vegas can we easy. Vegas wedding reception helps you selecting the best reception venues in Las Vegas at affordable cost. We’ve remained at the same location for over 17 years. Wellington Place is 14,000 square feet, offering two banquet rooms to choose from on two separate levels.


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Plan Your Wedding Reception According to Your Taste and Budget:

Plan Your Wedding Reception According to Your Taste and Budget

Reasonable Package :

Reasonable Package

Insert Your Own Touch:

Insert Your Own Touch Regardless of whether you have any suggestions of your own, the wedding venues also take that into story and in view of that execute your function in that way. Specialist event planners at wedding Venues in Las Vegas carry out their obligations genuinely and ensure that the wedding couple and the guests enjoy the wedding in the most extravagant way which suits their own way.

Proficient Staff:

Proficient Staff The qualified staff at these venues are well-taught and deal with every single issue of your wedding reception, be it taking care your guests in the most proficient way or moving out the necessary tasks on time.

Open And Designed Interiors:

Open And Designed Interiors Reasonable Wedding reception venues in Las Vegas do not cooperation on space. They give large halls and can easily accommodate hundreds of guests easily. Gracefully designed interiors with fresh flowers add a delightful smell to your unique moment and create a loving feel, setting the wonderful tone for your wedding.

Cooking Variety:

Cooking Variety Some wedding Venues in Las Vegas considerably offer delicious luxuries from all around the world like South American, Italian, Continental, Mediterranean, Mexican and Asian. Each flavor is accessible which adds a particular taste to your wedding itself.


Themes A wedding looks much better with its very own subject. Affordable wedding settings in Las Vegas additionally enable you to add a theme to your wedding so as to make it much progressively unique.

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