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Cashew Processing Plant – Veer Cashew Industries Raw cashew is certifiably not a prepared to eat item. Processing is an unquestionable requirement. Furthermore cashew processing plant is a little scale and beneficial business in India. Handled cashew nuts from the raw cashews are the well-known dry natural products. These are expended specifically or changed over to an assortment of items like salted cashew nuts Kaju Burfi cashew curries and so on In India processing of cashew is manual and exceptionally work escalated process. Motorization in cashew processing is grabbing slowly. Here in this article we plan to investigate about how to begin a self-loader cashew processing plant as little scale premise. Accessibility of crude material and ideal usage of the plant is critical in this assembling task. The interest for cashew nut is expanding quickly. India is driving maker processor customer and exporter of cashew nuts on the planet. The cashew nut processing plant is an entire line for shelling cashew nuts and broiling cashew bits. Completely programmed cashew nut shelling and cashew bit peeling machines spare heaps of works. Cashew nut reviewing machine can group raw cashew nuts into a few levels on premise of size and measurement. For the most part cashew nut reviewing machine has three or four evaluations.

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Raw cashew nuts in shell are steamed under strain to mellow the shells. The shell of cashew nut is hard and it contains destructive oil fixing. Cooked cashew nuts are anything but difficult to be separated and shelled. The procedure of steam cooking helps in shelling cashew nuts with negligible exertion. Cooked cashew nuts are popped in programmed cashew nut shelling machines. A roller bearing is utilized to alter the separation between rollers for cashew nuts in an alternate size. Cashew piece isolating shaker is utilized to isolate cashew portions from cashew shells and unshelled cashew nuts. After through cashew nut shelling machine cashew shell pieces and bits are isolated by cashew shaker and unshelled cashew nuts are come back to be re-shelled. The red skin of every cashew portion is expelled by cashew machine for profound processing items. This programmed cashew portion peeling machine works with an air blower and the inside parts of peeling machine are produced using astounding tempered steel. Simmered cashew parts have a lovely appearance and great flavor. Cashew roaster is completely programmed and high proficient. In the simmering procedure cashew parts are warmed uniformly in high temperature and they would not stick on the internal divider. Plot No. 65 AT Antroli Taluko Kapadwanj Ahmedabad- 387620 Gujarat India 09925243541

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