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The best lean management consultant in pune is one & only the vedzen that renovate business management & grant you soulful strategies.


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What makes your company less productive • High employee productivity is the heartbeat of a successful business. When employees are distracted and unhappy their work suffers and ultimately so does the company. When employees experience problems they dont perform to their highest potential. Troubled employees often call in sick or arent mentally present when they attend work. Understand the top factors of employee unhappiness and offer appropriate assistance if needed. • Financial Stress • Job Security • Illness

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Worried about your Business Here’s he solution….

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We are here to help you.. Vedzen is a Lean Consultant Firm. Works on a business model which emphasize in eliminating Non value added activities Waste while delivering quality products on time at least cost with greater efficiency. Vedzen ultimately helps you in lead to Productivity Peace Prosperity.

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Lean Management with Vedzen • Lean management is an approach to running an organization that supports the concept of continuous improvement a long-term approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality. • Lean is a business philosophy used to continuously identify reduce and eliminate the wastes from all walks of business. • Lean concept is used to identify Non- value adding activities in the processes and strategically remove it from the end- to-end value stream.

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Advantages of lean management • Improved quality – • Improved Visual Management • Increased efficiency • Manpower reductions • Easier to manage • Total Company Involvement • Problem Elimination • Safer Work Environment • Improved employee morale

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Why Vedzen • We train people on the Lean Six Sigma principles and methodology. • Certification is what we conduct for working professionals across all industries. We take submissions of the implementation of LSS. We have an expert panel that scrutinizes the project for its veracity validity of the results and sustenance of the change brought about by adopting LSS. • We also support budding LSS practitioners by Handholding their projects on LSS.

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Contact Us • Address: Vedzen Institute 8 Friends Colony Sind Hindu Society Lulla Nagar Pune - 411 040. • Ph. No:+91 9822 985 728 | 020 26831031 • E-mail : sssvedzen.com • Follow Us On:

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