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Ahmed Muntasir OmarBoles YoussefAmit Kumar NayekMohiuddin Abdul KaderSyed Ibrar Hussain : 

Ahmed Muntasir OmarBoles YoussefAmit Kumar NayekMohiuddin Abdul KaderSyed Ibrar Hussain

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1. In 1997, what would be an appropriate Mission Statement for the Michelin Group?

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Mission Statement for 1997: “ To overcome redundancies and grow organically to achieve its future objectives as a successful multinational firm.”

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2. Based on the information given what should be some of the major strategic elements for the company?

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Major strategic elements for Michelin Group are: Market share of 17.9%, which is second to market leader “Bridgestone.” The C3M is new machine for making tires, which has new Technology process that reduces labor and inventory. Covering sales and service in 170 countries. The company owns some of rubber plantation plants.

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Michelin is vertically integrated for making everything from: 1. The synthetic rubber 2. Steel bands in the tires 3. Machines that are used to assemble the tires 4. Owns some of the rubber plantation plants in Brazil and Nigeria.

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Michelin group has a very wide product range under its belt, it servers every market segment: Agricultural machinery, Two wheel – vehicles, Airplanes, Heavy earth moving equipments, Trucks, Cars, Buses, and All tourist vehicles.

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3. Analyze the internal and external strengths and weakness of the firm.

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4. What are some of the operating characteristics for Michelin that must support its strategy?

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Strategy: To increase the market share in Asia and Australia. Michelin Must remove redundancies among its work force. Decentralizing decision making bodies. Removing the strict system of manufacturing. Reducing secrecy in manufacturing in order to modernize existing plants. Improvement in Supply chain management. Increase the market share of wheels from 2% to 10%.

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Market share:

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Increase the number of C3M machines in order to increase production. After sales service should be improved in tire sales, this includes technical information, communication, stock levels for future sales and billing. To make cutbacks in all sides including US and European manufacturing operations in Belgium, Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and its home based in France. To maintain production quality uniformly during the expansion.

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