advantages of virtual field trips in distance education

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This power point discusses a brief overview of 3 articles for journals expressing the benefits of virtual fieldtrips


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Viola, I have always thought that virutal field trips would be the killer app for getting full scale video conferencing technology into schools. I love that researchers envisioned the notion of a virtual field trip as a good preparation for and debriefing revisit after an actual trip. That makes fabulous sense. I plan to steal that idea and re-transmit it to my teachers. The last slide was over my head. I will have to look up the article to make it make sense to me. The one thing I think is spectacular, once a school does have the full suite of technology available to make a virtual field trip fully doable with big screens, high bandwidth, and excellent audio, is virtual trips to places there is no hope the class could ever go in a real field trip. Thank for doing this topic.

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Viola Cosgrove:

Viola Cosgrove Virtual Field trips and Distance Education

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning:

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning This article featured students perceptions of a virtual field trips. Students felt virtual field trips should not replace a real field trip. However, after being asked after going on a real field trip, the students felt VFT could be most effective in preparing for , revising after, a real field trip. VFT engage students in identifying, collecting, formatting, and creating, as well as expanding knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, and evaluation. Spicer, J. and Stratford, J. (2001), Student perceptions of a virtual field trip to replace a real field trip. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 17: 345–354. doi : 10.1046/j.0266-4909.2001.00191.x

Actual and Virtual Reality: Making the Most of Field Trips.:

Actual and Virtual Reality: Making the Most of Field Trips. This article focused on how a virtual field trip can complement and enhance a real one. The article also Discussed the pros and cons of both types of field trips. The article Outlined a series of student and teacher activities combining an actual field trip and a virtual one. The VFT format is easy to follow and can easily be modified to fit any subject/activity. Task, Resources, Itinerary, Souvenirs, and Project Social Education, v62 n1 p35-40 Jan 1998

Vocabulary Visits: Virtual Field Trips for Content Vocabulary Development :

Vocabulary Visits: Virtual Field Trips for Content Vocabulary Development This article suggests that wide differences in concept and vocabulary knowledge enhance the achievement gap among students, especially in schools with large numbers of children of poverty. The T eachers developed Vocabulary Visits—virtual field trips using books to develop the content vocabulary of their first-grade students. Vocabulary Visits use a scaffolded read-aloud with student engagement and semantic activities to develop content area vocabulary. The article contains examples of each step, and the authors present evaluation information as well as ideas for differentiation and extension. Blachowicz , C.Z., & Obrochta , C. (2005, November). Vocabulary Visits: Virtual Field Trips for Content Vocabulary Development. The Reading Teacher, 59(3), 262–268. doi : 10.1598/RT.59.3.6

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