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If your business is still struggling to take a final decision for Corporate Video Production in Toronto, read some statistics in this presentation that will help. With Toronto Corporate Video Production, you can take a new leap in the industry. To know more, visit-


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Corporate Video Production - Importance & Statistics:

Corporate Video Production - Importance & Statistics

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Corporate Video Production has changed how the companies now communicate with people. Whether it is for their introduction or a demonstration. 2


Introduction Corporate Video Production is helping the businesses gaining a competitive edge. Many Companies have already got their advantage using the medium of videos. Almost everyone watches at least one video in a day. We are now surrounded by various kind of video content. 3

Some Statistics about Videos:

Some Statistics about Videos Let us take a look at how the videos have shaped business practices.


5 More Than 52 % of Marketing Professionals say that video is the content with the best ROI. 93 % of Marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communication. Benefits of using the word “Video” in an email subject line- It boosts Click-Through-Rate by 65%. Boosts open rate by 19 % & Reduces unsubscribe by 26%. STATISTICS ABOUT VIDEOS


6 39% of executives call a vendor after watching audiovisual content. 90% internet users say that videos play an important decision in their purchase decision. Enjoyable Audiovisual content can increase brand association for a company by 139%. Companies with enjoyable Audiovisual content saw an increase of 97% in purchase intent. STATISTICS ABOUT VIDEOS

You can strategize Corporate Video Production:

The statistics will help your business take a decision about what steps you can take. Depending on your industry, you can opt for innovative Corporate Video Production . Since 55% people watch videos everyday, your video can also attract the targeted people. You can strategize Corporate Video Production 7

Benefits of Videos for Corporates:

Benefits of Videos for Corporates Let us see how Corporate Video production can help corporates.

Why Corporate Video Production?:

Why Corporate Video Production? Increase Sales Great ROI Audience Engagement Social Media Presence Larger Audience Video + Mobile 9

Increase Sales:

Increase Sales Companies use Corporate Video Production to generate more leads. After watching a video, people are more likely to inquire about the product and even purchase it. 10

Great ROI:

Great ROI A commercial video provides a great return on investment. Even though video production can be expensive and difficult task, it pays off high returns. 11

Audience Engagement:

Audience Engagement Today’s life is too busy for clients to read long product descriptions. A short video can capture a wide audience get your message through. 12

Social Media Presence :

Social Media Presence Social Media Platform offers great opportunity for positioning your brand using an audiovisual content. People also share the videos they find interesting or entertaining. 13

Larger Audience:

Larger Audience Audiovisual Media offers an excellent opportunity for getting your message to a large viewing audience. Empowered by the internet, one short clip is all you need to reach the world market. 14

Video + Mobile:

Video + Mobile People like to watch clips on the go! Smartphone users are twice more likely than TV viewers to feel a sense of personal connection to videos they watch. 15

Utilize Corporate Video Production:

Your business can get the right resources and utilize the services of a Corporate Video Production . A right company can help in getting the plan ready and implemented. Utilize Corporate Video Production 16

Contact Us.:

Contact Us. If you are a business or organisation in Toronto, Canada. Contact us . Visual Communications & Marketing (VCM) Address: 6155 Tomken Rd. Unit #6 Mississauga, Ontario L5T1X3, Canada Call: 905.361.2977 Web: Email: [email protected] 17

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