Contentment Lesson 2 Realizing I am indestructible until my work is do


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When called to a task and you somehow know it is your destiny to take that task on, when you boldly face unfathomable opposition and you know the powers that be are on your side, when you have an unshakable faith in the Creator of the Universe and you know "for such a time as this" He has placed you in position, then the impossible becomes only impossible to those who give in to fear, doubts, and petty power struggles. Nehemiah had fears, but trusted his God and His plans; he had position, and trusted the king to trust him, and he had power, but used it only and always for good. Nehemiah, a man of faithfulness to God and king, a man who realized he was indestructible until his task was completed.


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Realizing that I am indestructible until my work is done.:

Realizing that I am indestructible until my work is done. But I trusted in thee, O Lord: I said, Thou are my God.  My times are in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, & from them that persecute me.  Psalm 31:14-15   Character Sketches, Vol. 3 IBLP, 1978, pages 92-103 various Character Councils, & other websites Lesson 2

Who Am I?:

Who Am I? In Nature… Prickly nature Spends at least ½ its life in trees Would rather retreat than attack From Scripture… Withstood attack after attack Was trusted by his king Knew God would protect him until his task was accomplished

The Porcupine:

The Porcupine erethizon (Gk=arouse; perhaps a ref to a reputation for being irritable ) dorstatum (Latin= back) R odents with a coat of sharp spines, or quills, that protect against predators. Two families ~ Old World family tends to live on the ground; New World, mostly in trees.

Life as porcupine…:

Life as porcupine… When born you are encased in a tough sack & covered in soft quills… Your 30K+ barbed quills can work their way through muscle… Man & the fisher (a weasel) are your worst enemies…your nose & underside is your greatest weakness You are not terribly clean & usually have thousands of internal parasites… You can walk upside down…

Lessons from the porcupine :

Lessons from the porcupine It has a “glass jaw” & unprotected underside; Christians tend to also have mouth & heart problems… Psalm 34:13; Proverbs 4:23 Its only offensive weapons are the quills, & it spend huge amounts of time turning tree bark into essential nourishment; we have the Sword & meditation as our tools to survive…. Ephesians 6:17; Psalm 19:10

A Man of Faith:

A Man of Faith *As cupbearer, he was a trusted top court official & identified fully with his own people… Neh. 1:11 *A very able leader, he dealt with ridicule, threats, & intrigue handily… Neh. 2:10,19-20; 4:1-23; Lev. 25:35-37 * He fully trusted in God & his task, & feared God, not enemies… Neh. 1:5; 5:9,15; 7:2

He knew this was his to do…:

He knew this was his to do… He trusted his God & the worth of his task, thereby rejecting disabling fear… He never asked others to make a sacrifice he himself was not willing to make He set the example~ Working as hard as his countrymen, Feeding the poor at his own expense, Meeting threats head-on & with prayer


Realizing that I am indestructible until my work is done. Contentment

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