Lesson 3 Giving a gift which requires personal sacrifice 2Samuel 24:24


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Personal sacrifice sound like a scary and hard thing, and it very well may be, but the rewards of deeply meeting the needs of someone else by setting aside your own time, things, plans, and even welfare, far outweigh the inconvenience of the sacrifice. Most "personal sacrifices" today are little else than rearranging expectations or one's already formulated plans, but in this lesson, the sacrifices of the animal in the object lesson and of the character in the New Testament are demanding and even life threatening. True personal sacrifices are beyond rearranging a schedule--they cost, and when they do cost, the rewards of that selflessness are measured out by God Himself. 2 Samuel 24:24 "Neither will I offer...unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing." Generosity ~ Giving a gift which requires personal sacrifice. NOTE:Please consider going to docstoc.com to get the complete set of notes which I hand out to my class. In there you will find further information, and often links to other helpful or thought-provoking sites. http://www.docstoc.com/profile/vanessajustice1 An accompanying audio can be accessed at chirbit by going through our website at http://covenantbible.wix.com/covenant-bible#!look2creat ion-classcharacter-resources/c11mw


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Giving a gift which requires personal sacrifice.:

Giving a gift which requires personal sacrifice .     ...Neither will I offer … unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing. 2 Samuel 24:24   Character Sketches, Vol. 2 IBLP, 1978, pages 352--363 various Character Councils, & other websites Lesson 3 vs. Stinginess

Who Am I?:

Who Am I? In Nature… Rarely if ever actually set foot on land First species to be monitored by satellite Live upwards to 35 years in harsh conditions ( often averaging 20-25 years) From Scripture… A prophetess A widow A model for New Testament widows?

The Emperor Penguin:

The Emperor Penguin aptenodytes ( "featherless diver"   ) forsteri ( for J.R. Forster, a naturalist & colleague of Captain Cook in the 18thC who was one of first to describe penguins. ) Mom & Dad work together… apart… They are seasonally monogamous . Mom lays one egg & Dad immediately takes over & incubates the egg. Mom leaves to eat. No nest, but huge colonies that stay in the cold . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfstYSUscBc&list=PLsb2d7Mx6rMkN7MsbVy4yFwDFR21e23jY&index=2

An Emperor’s Life Cycle:

An Emperor’s Life Cycle *June=Antarctica’s mid-winter breeding, egg is laid *July-August=incubation & hatching. *September-November=chick independence & bonding with parents; works on great weight gain; molting * December=adult plumage; leaves parents * Migration to the sea to feed, establish huge amount of fat, & start the cycle over…

Sea life!:

Sea life! You are shaped like a torpedo & are more agile in the water than on land, with wings more flippers than flight wings. Your feathers grow in as an almost solid covering filled with oil. Predators include the leopard sea that eat chicks & adults; the skua bird that goes after chicks, & orcas which eat whatever they can catch.


Context… *She lived the rise & fall of 6 kings,& then Rome conquered Israel in 63AD *Married 7 years, she devoted the rest of her life to the temple & Jehovah *God honored her devotion & personal sacrifice (childlessness) with deep insight & knowledge. She was a respected prophetess & announced the arrival of Jesus, the Messiah.

Sacrifice through giving…:

Sacrifice through giving… Our needs will be met ~ Anna’s dedication & deep prayer life led her to be a source of comfort, wisdom & aid to all who came to her… Paul may have been thinking of her when writing 1 Tim 5:3-5 & 1 Cor 7:40 She was an example of patience & hope… She was spiritually ready & looking for the coming King….

We need to all be Anna’s:

We need to all be Anna’s *Be the one others come to… *set aside time of prayer, fasting, & meditation, studying to know Him *Give up some personal comfort for others, listening for His voice *Look to the Author & Finisher of our faith *Live Phil 3:20 ~ expect His arrival! *Give the gift of eternity by being like Anna & “speak to all who look for redemption”!

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