ROC filing procedure- To File A Complaint Against A Company


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ROC filing or corporate filings are required for those entities that are registered with Ministry of Corporate affairs . We help you in ROC filing procedure.


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ROC filing procedure To File A Complaint Against A Company With The ROC

slide 2: 020-65 3636 33 Registrars of Companies ROC appointed under Section 396 of the Companies Act 2013 whiz 609 of the Companies Act 1956 which covers various States and Union Territories that are conferred with the primary duty of registering LLPs and companies established in the respective states and the Union Territories and to ensure that such companies and LLPs comply with statutory requirements under the provision of the Act. These offices are available for inspection by members of public on payment of the prescribed fee and its function is to maintain the registry of records relating to the companies registered with them. roc filing procedure Who can file a complaint against a company Any aggrieved person against a company or an investor can file a complaint with the Registrar of the Company or the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Steps required to file a complaint.  While filing this online form on MCA website one has to enter the Corporate Identity Number CIN of the company.  On MCA Website click on MSA Services Complaints there you will find an option of Create Investor Complaint click on that it will provide you with Investor Complaint Form. Fill in all the necessary information and submit your complaint online.  The first and foremost thing an aggrieved person should do is to file a complaint with the Investor Grievance Cell of the company. It is quite common that the investors or the company don’t respond to these complaints frequently. The best way to do this is to file a complaint directly with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCA.  One has to fill in the form as per the guidelines mentioned in the form and provide all the mandatory data as required.  Once done with the form fill up one has to complete the Check Form and Pre- scrutinize the form. While doing this the internet connection must be proper and he/ she must be connected with the MCA21 portal.  Then log in to MCA21 portal using the registered user login id.  Once logged into the MCA21 portal use the E- form upload functionality under the E- Forms tab on the portal to upload the Investor Complaint Form.1  Once the form is uploaded the complainant must note down the Service Request Number for any future endeavor.

slide 3: 020-65 3636 33 These are the steps that need to be followed to lodge a complaint against the investor of a company. Given that we can say that the form is very detailed with the types of complaint. It provides a good scope of complaints. Rules used by the officers are  Criminal Procedure Code  Evidence Act  various manuals and Laws on taxation  import and export  banking  stock market etc. These are the rules and regulations followed by the officers while conducting the investigation. An Example of Corporate Complaint with MCA which gave a fruition relief to the aggrieved. Zenith Birla India Ltd and Birla Power Solutions. DamyantiVithalani fought for her refund from Zenith Birla India Ltd. Ms. Vithlani managed to get her money back after filing complaints with the MCA as well as the CLB. Conclusion In conclusion it can be stated that even if the Government has made an easy way to file a complaint for any investor related issue or for fraud but yet there is a scope to improve the redressal mechanism by strengthening the SFIO online database and bringing the draft rules for NCLT into force and make the process speedier and effective. Get know more abour ROC go roc filing procedure

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