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Vastu Tips for Stairs by Vastu Expert Most houses comprise of various floors and oblige structures to connect the vertical separation between them. Ordinarily the medium utilized are stairways accessible as a part of plenty of shapes for example round straight and so forth and materials concrete wooden etc.However before picking any character size or heading you ought to ensure the blue print of your stairway affirms with vastu for staircase. Learn more about vastu in vastu shastra courses. Correct Direction: A staircase should dependably be implicit the western or southern part of the house. Ensure its not built in the northeast corner as that could prompt money related misfortunes for the proprietor. Indeed staircase in any corner aside from west or south brings misfortunes. Tips According To Vastu for Staircase  A staircase built inside the place or home can be inherent the southeast bearing confronting east southwest heading confronting west northwest course confronting north and southwest heading confronting south.  Always start your stairs from north to south or east to west. A turn can likewise be taken to different sides on the off chance that there is an absence of space.  Stairs should dependably have an odd number and the number should never end with a zero.  The vertical arrangement of stairs ought to additionally have an odd number and when partitioned by three their remainder must be two.  Never make rounded or circular staircases as they can bring about awful wellbeing. Likewise a staircase encompassing the building can prompt serious calamites.  The room which has a staircase in the southwest corner of basement is not propitious.  Construct entryways toward the end and start of every staircase. Likewise its vital to ensure the stairs dont touch the northern or eastern dividers.  Try developing staircases in a manner that stairs are not straightforwardly unmistakable to the guests. Specifically obvious stairs are thought to be unfavorable.  Broken stairs must be repaired early as they might prompt strains and mischances.  Rooms for example lavatory kitchen or pooja room ought to never be worked under a staircase. This range must be utilized for making a storage space.  If a straight staircase is built it must start from north to south or east to west inside or outside the house. Later it can take any heading. Colors According To Vastu for Staircase : Staircases should dependably be painted in light hues and shades for example red and dark ought to be maintained a strategic distance from totally.