The power of differentiation and exclusivity


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Every individual, organisation product has a market value. Market does not pay more than the market value. The skill is to harvest more than reap, to have a higher effort to return ratio


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If any one can have it I don’t want it Dr Vasant Khisty

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 Destiny cannot be ruled out. The debate is endless.  We are our own Sculptor We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours-Dag Hammarskjold.  Every action has a equal and opposite reaction.- What we sow so shall we reap.  Life is a Race and each one has a different starting point but we have the power to decide how and where to end it.  To reach any destination is individuals choice. Assumptions

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No Wind favors him who has no destined Port It is important to know the starting line and the Goal Knowing the destination decides the means to travel It is easier to travel with a map The trick is in reaching earlier with comparatively less effort The Law of harvesting is to reap more than you sow To reach some where one needs to take the first step Step to nowhere leads to nowhere. Naam na Jaane Gaon Ka Bin Jaane Kit Jau. Chalta Chalta Jug Bhaya Don Kos Per Gao-Kabir Goal

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Success is what people think about you. Satisfaction is what your Heart feels. Did I identify my potential right and did I give my best shot at life… vasant khisty

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• Every one puts some effort. • Each effort has a return. • The quantum of effort does not offer proportionate returns.- It’s the quality of effort • Each one of us has a market value •We do not get paid higher than the market value • There is a Premium for Exclusivity • High demand high premium Effort to Return Ratio

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Individual Environment We give Love Respect Smile Affection Kindness Work Wealth etc We receive Wealth Respect Kindness Comfort Pleasure Health Pleasure etc Figure 1 The Transaction Process Efforts to Return

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Figure II Wealth love respect trust health security initmacy Wealth love respect trust health security comfort Wealth love respect trust health security comfort Return Mix

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Types of efforts 1. Linear directional and Complimentary- 1+12+13+14 2. Non linear and non complimentary 3. Non Linear and multi skilling

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Rising above the group

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Starting Point Junior College Senior College MBBS Masters Super specialisation Opportunities Space medicines Figure v RISE Above The Group

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• Exclusivity is a situation where availability is less demand is more • Exclusivity has no numeric value cannot be measured. • Exclusivity can be vaguely measured • Exclusivity 1/ estimated size of group you belong to • Positioning to exclusivity is a on going strategy • What is exclusive today may not be tomorrow • Exclusivity is a planned activity • Treat your self as an organization or a product

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• Calculate the current exclusivity Index • Evaluate the current group you belong to • Evaluate the future exclusive group you would belong to • Imagine the profile of the exclusive person you wish to be • Evaluate your current profile SWOT analysis • Carry out Gap analysis of the current and future profile • Develop time bound and challenging strategies to cover the gap • Start implementation • Review periodically and assess adherence.

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Positioning Exclusivity Treat yourself as human brand Define your niche or Value Mesh These niches should be exclusive Evaluate your market value Identify high demand high value areas leagues Develop/ Train / Add value Position your self in high demand areas Higher Leagues Identify difficult opportunities Execute

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Am I adding value Before deciding an action ask – am I adding value in any form physical mental emotional spiritual financial Did I add value today

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Exclusive Attributes Character Courage-No Guts No Glory Virtues Honesty Ethics Integrity Discipline Dedication Perseverance Patience Leadership Ability to make things happen Ability to bring in change Ability to take a stand Ability to take risk

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What fetches higher returns Branding Packaging Aesthetics Ambience. Uniqueness pride of exclusive possession High demand low supply Superior quality of product / service Innovation Creativity High risk-No risk No gain Convenience/ Comfort

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Quotes A career like a business must be budgeted. When it is Necessary the budget must be adjusted to meet changing Conditions. A life that hasn’t a definite plan becomes a drift wood- David Arnoff.

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Thank You Don’t be Any Body Be Some body Vasant Khisty