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4 February 2011 Presented By: Vasanthan Philip Director-Xicora Consultants (Ex-MCC Stats. 1981-84 Batch) Software Quality Management for Delivery Excellence

Table of Contents:

4 February 2011 Table of Contents Definition of Quality Software Quality Management Attributes of Software What Drives Delivery Excellence Organizations challenges from delivery perspective How to Achieve Delivery Excellence Common Approach for Delivery Excellence Xicora Consultants

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4 February 2011 Xicora Consultants Definitions: Quality is... Quality is fitness for use (J. Juran) Quality is free (P. Crosby) Quality is compliance to a standard (W.E. Perry) Quality is a degree of excellence (R. Glass) Quality reduces Cost (E. Deming)

Software Quality Management:

4 February 2011 Software Quality Management SQM manages the quality of the software development process and products It consist of three layers Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Software Quality Plan (SQP) Software Quality Control (SQC) Xicora Consultants

Characteristics of Software:

4 February 2011 Characteristics of Software Reliability Functionality Usability Efficiency Portability Maintainability Xicora Consultants

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4 February 2011 Speedy delivery of software Deliver software projects to operations on time and on budget, with greater reliability Improve software quality Ensure that business-critical applications meet end-user requirements and performance criteria Integrate across silos and simplify complexity Improve efficiency, reduce errors and reduce friction Harness globally distributed resources for development, delivery and operations What Drives Delivery Excellence Xicora Consultants

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4 February 2011 First Time Right Bring predictability to software delivery Delivering on-budget and on-schedule Quality Improve quality of deliverables Delivery Governance To improve s/w capability and productivity To reduce time to market Best practices and tools implementation Boost people productivity Organization’s Challenges from a Delivery Perspective Xicora Consultants

How to Achieve Delivery Excellence:

4 February 2011 How to Achieve Delivery Excellence From To How Resource Pools Hiring for demand Different Org. models and capability alignment Multiple Global Delivery processes Custom solutioned projects Centers for competency Building capability ahead of demand Common Org. alignment and capability alignment Lean Delivery Model Reuse of delivery assets managed by a high-quality low-cost delivery teams On-shore Design & Build On-shore Design & Build Common Tools Common Methods Common Assets Xicora Consultants

Common approach for delivery excellence:

4 February 2011 Common approach for delivery excellence Adopt a set of common tools, methods, processes Employ Re-use of assets Training, mentoring & Consulting Creation of subject mater experts Implement a collaborative software delivery platform for effective governance Xicora Consultants

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4 February 2011 Thank You Email: [email protected] | Cell: 9003075368 Web : Xicora Consultants

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