Weird and Mysterious Places on Earth

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Weird and Mysterious Places on Earth :

Weird and Mysterious Places on Earth GROUP 7

Mystery Spot :

Mystery Spot The Mystery Spot is a tourist attraction located near Santa Cruz, California. It was discovered in 1939 and opened in 1940. The operators of the small site (which is about 150 feet in diameter) claim that it is a place where the laws of physics and gravity do not apply and provide a number of demonstrations in support of these claims. The official website speculates that a magical wizard flew down from Gum Drop Fairytale land and cast a spell on the site which made the gravity all wonky. Another popular speculation is that gravity is affected here.

Socotra :

Socotra This place is probably the most alien-looking on Earth. One third of the flora and fauna on this island, administered by Yemen government, can be found only here. The umbrella-shaped “blood tree,” the cucumber tree, giant succulent tree, different kinds of birds, spiders, bats and cats have the only habitat on Socotra.

Fly Geyser :

Fly Geyser The Fly Geyser, near Gerlach , Nevada, is strange because it somehow grows up. It is three meters high at the moment. It is interesting that this geyser is located on private area, so nobody can enjoy it from close. The owner is Bill Spoo , a man who rejects the opportunity to make a fortune from the tourists, and keeps the beautiful view just for himself and the few researchers and photographers who have to schedule a visit weeks before arriving.

McMurdo Dry Valleys :

McMurdo Dry Valleys McMurdo Dry Valleys are located on Antarctica but, believe it or not, they lack snow. That makes the area to be a desert, of course the coldest one in the world. However, that’s not the only strange things here. The valleys are “bleeding” from the many geysers, because of the high concentration of iron, making picture of world different than Earth .

 Racetrack Playa :

Racetrack Playa Racetrack Playa in California is well known due to its sailing stones. No one knows how, but the stones there somehow manage to move from their original position, leaving a track behind them. The reasons are still unknown and are subject of research. It is supposed that the winds in the valley are “responsible” for this.

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