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Marx: Capitalism and Alienation:

Marx: Capitalism and Alienation Vanessa Estevez

What is Capitalism?:

What is Capitalism? Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of means of production, with the goal of making a profit

What is Alienation?:

What is Alienation? People are bound to be estranged from themselves and each other under the conditions of capitalist industrial production People lose control of their lives by losing control over their work People lose sight of their reason for being alive According to Marx there four types of alienation

Four Types of Alienation:

Four Types of Alienation 1. Alienation from labor Worker does not love what they do so their jobs become forced Doesn’t belong to its nature so they are unhappy Job is repetitive and meaningless 2. Alienation from Labor process Workers do not have mean of production Worker is only an object Project may benefit the rich but do not benefit the poor workers Workers work under sweatshop conditions The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer

Cont. Four types of Alienation:

Cont. Four types of Alienation 3. Alienation from Human beings They have no control over relationship with others All employees were hired so they can get the maximum amount of profit Look at each other as competition for other jobs 4. Alienation from human nature Humans are naturally inclined to work as long as they enjoy it Work should give people satisfaction Humans produce products that have no meaning-just beautiful

Destroy Capitalism:

Destroy Capitalism Marx believed that capitalism should be destroyed. He believed that Capitalism controlled people by controlling their work space and economic life. A society of free citizens means a society with no capitalism. Real liberty amongst people did not exist unless they were able to control their work place, the product they produced, and the way they related to others


Socialism Marx believed that workers had to become owners and controllers of their own work places. Not individually but as a community Socialism- Communal and democratic ownership and control of the major means of production and thus of economy as a whole Socialism without democratic rights is not what Marx had in mind Socialism is an increase in freedom and self-determination, not the lessening of it

What I think…:

What I think…