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Social Contract Theory :

Social Contract Theory By: Vanessa Estevez

What is the Social Contract Theory?:

What is the Social Contract Theory? The social contract can be defined as a contract between the government and the people. Individuals and groups who are not a part of it are left out, forced to live with the misfortunes of being outside of the contract. The social contract protect those who fit the “norm,” i.e. the white, heterosexual, middle-to-upper class male while failing to protect

Cont. Social Contract Theory :

Cont. Social Contract Theory Middle-to-upper class are usually financially well off Money=Power, those with no money lack power and without power you can not do anything Example: People in Poverty

Thomas Hobbes & John Locke :

Thomas Hobbes & John Locke Thomas Hobbes and John Locke were one of the several philosophers who made the social contract famous Had two very different prospective on human nature

Thomas Hobbs:

Thomas Hobbs Thought of human nature in a negative aspect Believed our state of nature as primitive Humans have impulses to run each other over Social contract is about law and order, and killing Life is “nasty, brutish, and short”

John Locke:

John Locke Was more positive about human nature Believed people could be free without the interference of others Law of Nature

Social Contract & Joy James:

Social Contract & Joy James Believed that the Leviathan= a police state for those excluded from the social contract Those not included in the social contract=legit targets for state violence Criminalized blacks, black criminals or “gangstas” are usually considered outside of the contract

Cont. Social Contract & Joy James:

Cont. Social Contract & Joy James People of color and others are outside of that contract. Goes back to slavery in America. If you are not a citizen you are a criminal Why should you follow the law it it does not protect you? Blacks invision themselves as criminals. Some commit crimes others do not.