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On Decowindow we can get the space-saving wall shelves designed for optimum convenience. Browse Deco Window online for more collections on shelving, wall shelves design, wooden shelves, wall hanging shelves, display wall shelves, kitchen wall shelves online, shelving brackets, wooden wall shelves living room. Classic shelf designed for mounting on the wall and decorative wall shelves are a great accent to any home space.


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Wall shelves ( Your storage manager ) :

Wall shelves ( Your storage manager )

Shoe storage :

Shoe storage Keep your shoes on point with adjustable wall shelves by deco window. Never feel guilty to buy new shoes and feel worried about storage, simply purchase do it yourself wall shelves and get your problems solved. S hoes will look more organized and the place will look clean.


2.KITCHEN Kitchen – The kitchen wall shelves can be segregated into three categories – A perfect way to show you expensive cutlery or vases. To put your everyday utensils and kitchen items To put beautiful flower pots as kitchen accessories


3. BATHROOM Wall shelves are a way to accessorize your bathroom on a budget. Use wall shelves to display your towels. They can be used in the bathing area to organize you shampoo and conditioner bottles systematically . Girls can also use these hanging shelves to display their makeup or can even create a stand for their nail paints.


4. LIVING ROOM Shelving are perfect for your living room to showcase those valuables antiques. They add a modern element to your décor and looks stylish and functional.


5. POOJA GHAR There is no need to create an extra space in your house for pooja ghar , you can simply place a shelf and display your deities photos on it. You can even decorate it with fresh flowers or bandhanvars

6. Bedside table :

6. Bedside table F loating wall shelves can be used in your bedroom. These corner wall shelves can be used to keep your phone/laptop and its charger, a jug of water , important documents , medications and even photos


7.BAR TABLE It’s easy to showcase your alcohol collection in a party on wooden shelves Convenient and easy to use and clean Best to keep it away from children


8. BOOK SHELVE - Wall bookshelves are a trend these days seeking out to the bookworms who want to flaunt their collection. Instead of stuffing your books in drawers, it’s a great idea to display them and make yourself happy.


9 . A ROOM FOR YOUR PLANTS Wall shelves, can also be used to beautifully display your plants and pots, you can even hang them by drilling holes shelf. They can be used in kitchens and even in bathrooms


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