Review Part Two

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Review Part Two


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Chapter 8:

Chapter 8 Why we should train our sales staffs Training analysis by the numbers Allocating Training time On the job training Media use in Sales Training and Evaluating Training analysis #21 Building a training program

Chapter 9 :

Chapter 9 Manager vs Leaders Personal vs organization Customer abuse Sales manager power tips Sales manager discussion Making changes Transformational vs. transactional Leadership styles

Chapter 9 Continued :

Chapter 9 Continued Guerrilla situation Selling new ideas Coaching- steps before sales call Self Evaluation Suggestions Hot shot options Termination suggestions Women in Sales Harassment

Chapter 10:

Chapter 10 Why are ethics important Principles of ethical decision making Making decisions on Ethical Problems Common Sales Ethics Issues Hiring and firing Expense accounts Gifts for buyers Bribes

Chapter 10 continued:

Chapter 10 continued Entertainment Consumer protection Need for regulations Code of Ethics Ethics training

Chapter 11:

Chapter 11 Motivation Salespeople Definition Why different people need different Effort- drive, persistence, quality Hierarchy of needs Career Stages- exploration, establishment maintenance, disengagement Effort-performance relationship

Chapter 11 continued:

Chapter 11 continued Importance of rewards Self-management Quotas-Sales volume, profit based, activity When are quotas effective Administering Quotas Incentive programs- goals, prizes, issues Ethical situations