Step-By-Step Guide for Choosing a Boarding School

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Step-By-Step Guide for Choosing a Boarding School

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Choosing a boarding school in India is a big decision. As parents you need to be attentive or at every step. Fortunately many platforms are now available to find the ratings reviews about the schools. To help you in the best way possible here is the step-by-step guide: Step 1: School Identification This is the very first stage of choosing a boarding school for your child. Enlist every school that catches your attention. After enlisting the schools the foremost step is to explore the website of every school. You may also find some video/visual tours of schools that reflect the infrastructure and culture of the schools. Read the reviews posted by the students. However you may find only the positive ones but there are some forums where you can find un-filtered comments/reviews about the schools. Save the URLs of the schools and prepare an excel sheet. You may end up with a list of 15- 20 schools but there is nothing to worry about ultimately your efforts will pay off.

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Step 2: Applying the Filters It is the most time-consuming step. Open the sheet that you prepared and sit with your child. Let him/her know about each school. Discuss each point thoroughly and short list the preferred boarding schools in Mumbai India. So how exactly you can narrow down your list. Answer the following questions and you will eventually have a list of 4-5 schools: •Do you want a co-education school or single gender •Do you prefer a religious school •Do you want a small or large school •Do you have any specific interests like sports arts music •What are your special needs

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These questions will definitely filter the schools as per your preferences and requirements. The next thing to look for is ‘if your child and the school you are about to choose match each othe r ’ s requirements. ’ This question seems to be very easy but it is the one on which the future of your child depends. There are some schools that specialize in sports facilities while others specialize in some other kind of activities or stream of education. Step 3: Visiting Schools This point is of utmost importance. After short listing the schools of your preference visit each school individually. Interact with the faculties and other staff members of the school. It will help you to assess if the school is a good match for your child. A school is the most important place that shapes the future of the students in many ways. So make sure that you ask all your queries before zeroing in a school. Find out the teaching methodology and qualifications of the teachers at school. Check out the classrooms library laboratories hostel and mess and play area vigilantly. Before visiting a school prepare a checklist to compare the schools and discuss the list with the family members and friends post-visit.

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Step 4: Admission Tests If you are settled about the choice of school prepare your child for admission tests. Most schools give standardized tests that include essays and few bits of writing. It is advised not to stick to the last minute preparation for admission tests. You may also conduct mock tests in order to make the students get used to the pattern of the test and time management with or without distractions. Step 5: Application for Admission Many boarding schools in India have online admission process. In case you do not find the online application talk to the helpdesk. If any school does not have online admission process walk-in to the school and complete the admission formalities.

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