Benefits of Pad Treatment at USA Vascular Centers


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There are several benefits of PAD treatments like pain relief, reduces serious complications risk, improved mobility, effective cost treatment, etc. Contact USA Vascular Centers for more information and services.


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Benefits Of PAD Treatment At USA Vascular Centers:

Benefits Of PAD Treatment At USA Vascular Centers


At USA Vascular Centers we offer minimally invasive and non-surgical treatment for PAD. Some of the benefits of treating Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) at USA Vascular Centers are:


Minimally Invasive and Non-Surgical PAD Treatment Stent angioplasty is a minimally invasive and non-surgical treatment to improve blood circulation to your legs and your ability to walk, and reduce the frequency of pain .


Improved Mobility Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is caused by plaque buildup in the arteries. PAD is often characterized by a narrowing of the vessel that carries blood to the leg and arm muscles. The plaque build up in the artery may reduce the amount of blood flow to the limbs and decrease the oxygen and nutrients available to the tissue.


Reduce Risk For Serious Complications PAD can increase the risk of heart attack as it causes the narrowing of arteries. A stent angioplasty procedure will reduce the risk of a heart attack or limb amputation by improving blood flow .


Pain Relief One of the most classic symptoms of PAD is pain while walking which stops while at rest. After receiving a PAD treatment at USA Vascular Centers majority patient experience a relief in their symptoms and can enjoy an improved quality of life .


Treatment Cost Many people avoid PAD treatment because of fear of its high cost. However PAD treatment at USA Vascular Centers is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. We have a dedicated insurance department to help our patients with insurance related questions.

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