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USA Vascular Centers in West Roxbury provides pelvic congestion syndrome treatment, peripheral artery disease stent angioplasty, and more treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical. Contact at 844-723-7240 or visit at for more information and services.


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Where to Receive Vascular Treatment near Boston MA Vascular illnesses and diseases can drastically and quickly affect your quality of life. If you suffer from poor genetics have high blood pressure and cholesterol or are overweight you are at a higher risk of developing a life-threatening vascular disease than others. When you think about vascular disease the first thought that comes to mind may be Peripheral Artery Disease PAD a common illness in most men over the age of 50. However what may not be completely apparent is the number of growing vascular diseases women are at risk for throughout their lives. For most women maintaining a healthy reproductive system requires attention and care more so than their male counterparts might understand. One common vascular disease the women experience is Pelvic Congestion Syndrome or PCS. PCS is nicknamed the “varicose veins of the abdomen” because they form due to insufficient blood flow within the two connecting veins between the kidneys and ovaries. Like varicose veins PCS causes symptoms such as swelling pressure and chronic pain. However how do you know if you have PCS and what can you do to treat it The USA Vascular Centers is the country’s leader in vascular health for men and women alike. With more practices across the nation than anyone else our vascular specialists can meet with and treat more patients at a higher standard than others. In addition to offering pelvic congestion syndrome treatment our vascular surgeons

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perform a number of non-surgical procedures to correct multiple vascular diseases such as PAD blocked fallopian tubes and Spinal Kyphoplasty. Our mission is to reach more patients every year by opening new clinics that are staffed with the best trained vascular specialists available and we begin this with our newest clinic in New England. If you live in the Boston metropolitan area you will now be able to visit our best vascular surgeons and specialists available in West Roxbury. This Boston suburb is an ideal location for patients who have been diagnosed with a vascular illness or fear they may be at risk for one to consult one of our physicians and discuss treatment options. Likewise our vascular surgeons in West Roxbury will provide pelvic congestion syndrome treatment peripheral artery disease stent angioplasty and more treatment options both surgical and non-surgical. If you’re a woman who believes she might suffer from PCS our available treatment options are both effective and minimally invasive. First you will meet with one of our physicians who will catalog your symptoms and test for PCS using a transvaginal duplex ultrasound machine. Other external scans may be performed as well to create a better image of your veins. Then if you are formally diagnosed with PCS our vascular surgeons will perform what is known as “embolization.” Similar to treating varicose veins you physician will guide a small tube into your affected veins via the help of an ultrasound machine. Once inside the vein a device will be inserted through the tube blocking blood flow through the vein permanently. This causes the vein to shrink and deteriorate. Over time it will form into scar tissue and be absorbed by the surrounding tissues. This minimally invasive procedure is performed in our clinic and you will be released the same day. If you live in the Boston area and suffer from vascular illnesses contact our West Roxbury location today and gain back control of your vascular health