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For women who develop uterine fibroids, our USA Vascular Centers specialists prescribe Uterine Fibroid Embolization(UFE). Call us at 844-723-7240 for more information.


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Treatment Options for Women’s Vascular Health Issues Throughout life our bodies are exposed to numerous health risks due to stress our environment and how we maintain our health. Specifically for women poor health and unlucky genetics can lead to severe vascular issues in and around your reproductive systems. Over 40 of women over the age of 35 will develop uterine fibroids the most common type of tumor that develops in female reproductive system. Additionally nearly 30 of women will develop varicose-like veins within their pelvic region formally known as Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. These two common vascular illnesses can limit or prevent you from conceiving a pregnancy drastically limit your mobility and harm other parts of your reproductive health.

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At the USA Vascular Centers we provide the most effective modern treatment options for women who suffer from vascular illnesses. Our experienced vascular specialists prescribe fibroid non-surgical treatment options as well as pelvic congestion syndrome treatment options. With more practices across the country than anyone else we commit ourselves to the highest standard of service and care possible For women who develop uterine fibroids our vascular specialists we prescribe Uterine Fibroid Embolization UFE. UFE is a fibroids non-surgical treatment option that is performed in our clinics as an outpatient procedure. Your vascular surgeon destroys and removes the fibroids by inserting a small catheter into your uterine artery which supplies the fibroid with blood. The catheter is guided by the help of a real-time ultrasound machine that visualizes your uterus. Once at the fibroid small particles are released blocking the blood flow to the tumor. Over time the fibroid will shrink and disappear from your uterus with little to no complications. When left untreated uterine fibroids can grow larger and spread throughout your uterus. This causes limitations and sometimes completely diminishes the possibility of conceiving a child. If you suffer from uterine fibroids and have them removed pregnancy is still not guaranteed though your chances do increase significantly. Another common vascular illness in women in Pelvic Congestion Syndrome PCS. PCS is referred to as the “varicose veins of the pelvis” since the two veins running from the kidneys to the ovaries can become blocked like varicose veins in your legs. Pelvic congestion syndrome treatment consists of a non-surgical embolization procedure where the blood source to the veins is cut off. Performed as an outpatient procedure your vascular surgeon uses a small catheter to release blocking agents into the vein directly. This causes the blood flow to become permanently blocked decreasing the pressure and swelling in and around your pelvic and abdomen region. Unlike uterine fibroids PCS may not directly affect your reproductive health. However since the veins that deliver blood and nutrients to your ovaries are the source of the issues your ability to conceive may be limited.