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Balkan Mountains Photography - Bulgaria Nature Photography The capital of Bulgaria is one of many earliest in Europe. In exactly the same place wherever today Sofia stands the Thracians established a settlement in the eighth century BC. It owes its title to the church of Hagia Sofia from the 14th century and one of many earliest in the town built in recognition of the sacred martyrs of Sofia. However this isnt the only real church value visiting in Sofia. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is the absolute most emblematic Orthodox church in the capital. When you consider the Rila Monastery from the exterior it provides you with the sensation to be before a fortress rather than host to religious worship. However pilgrims of Orthodox opinion have been going to it for significantly more than 1000 years. It had been created by San Juan p Rila a hermit canonized by the Orthodox church in the 10th century and stated a World Heritage Website by UNESCO in 1983. Its black bright and red striped arches and its brilliant yellow domes entice attention initially sight. Inside its vibrant frescoes are the main attraction. This way there are numerous causes you cannot skip best photography tours Bulgaria. Although many people go to the Rila Monastery by selecting a ‘one day tourfrom Sofia we suggest that you do not make such sacrilege. This area is one of the very wonderful organic places in Bulgaria.The mountains of Rila in the southwest of the nation are the highest in Bulgaria and so its one of the best locations for Balkan mountains photography. Bulgaria is just a treasure in the Balkans. Seaside the best mountains in Western Europe and lots of history – And that is exactly why lots of people around the world prefer bird photography tours Bulgaria. Few are those that know that Bulgaria is a country that forces you to put only a little of every thing in your suitcase. You will require hiking shoes to examine its several organic parks full of seas and mountains. In those same mountains you will see old monasteries that will invite one to stop and recollection. However theres little stop in the great nightlife that Bulgarian towns possess. For the night placed on your best garments and venture out and have the best Bulgaria Balkan mountain photography before next morning. If after climbing and nightlife your body asks you for utter rest put a swimsuit and sandals in the bag and leave for the impressive beaches of the Black Sea.

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