How an electric heater works

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How an electric heater works Having a heated pool Is there anything better However a heated pool requires a more or less sophisticated installation. Thats what the electric pool heater is for. It is a device that is easy to install and reasonably priced. How does an electric heater work A Hayward aboveground pool heater is neither more nor less than an electric heater that heats up when power is applied. Water circulates through the resistance heats up and goes outside. Coldwater enters through point A and hot water flows through point B. Its that simple. The Hayward millivolt pool heater which is provided with a thermostat stops its operation when the water reaches the temperature at which it has been programmed. Hayward pool heater Heater Features: As you can imagine although everyones function is the same certain criteria help us differentiate some electric Hayward propane pool heater from others: The material: the housing can be made of composite material plastic but also aluminum or stainless steel. The immersion heater or what is the same the resistance that heats the water can be made of stainless steel or titanium. The power: determines the speed at which the temperature of your pool is rising. The normal range is between 3 and 18 kW but we can find those that reach 45 kW and even 120 kW. The form: there are heaters in L or straight. The number of resistances: one to two. The dimensions: are conditioned by power and form. The thermostat: used to set the desired temperature. It can be digital LCD screen or analog with buttons. The type of fixation: some are placed on a wall or vertical support while others are placed horizontally. The minimum tolerable flow: must be consistent with the pump. The power supply: single-phase or three-phases depending on your installation. Tip on electric pool heaters: Read the instructions carefully before installation and associate your heater with the cover of your pool. Either that or wait for your electricity bill to run. The smallest pool heaters have a power of 3kW and quickly reach a power of 9 to 12 kW. For this reason it is a good idea to equip your distribution board with a programmer to program the heating of the water during the hours of less activity. Study your use of your pool well. If you use it for swimming it may not help to raise the temperature to 27oC. Do not forget that the hotter the temperature is the more likely the algal blooms will be when regular maintenance is not performed.