Criteria for choosing bamboo flooring

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Criteria for choosing bamboo flooring The purchase of Woven Parkett can be done as well in a specialized store as in DIY and home improvement superstores or on online shops on the internet. The choice of bamboo flooring should be in the following order of priorities: - The type of manufacture: Choose between solid bamboo and laminated bamboo. Then choose the thickness of the blade from less than 10 mm to more than 14 mm. - The type of floating parquet flooring: Choose between glued parquet and parquet clipped depending on the room and the support on floor heating or not. - Aesthetics: Choosing the direction of bamboo in the blade which determines the appearance then the color of the bamboo used from the lightest to the darkest. - Storage: Bamboo flooring should be stored carefully at the distributor. It is essential to ensure that the floor has been stored undercover and in a heated room. In addition it must be ensured that the sign has accessories skirting step nosing quarter-round chopsticks ... bamboo matching parquet to ensure neat finishes. - The price: The cheaper is then laminated with 2.5 mm bamboo wear layer then the price is a little higher for the thicker wear layer laminate and the most expensive is the solid parquet in bamboo which is the most resistant. Raw parquet: its specificities: The standard defines parquet as a wooden or wood-based floor covering with a wear layer at least 2.5 mm thick. Massive it consists of one and the same species of noble wood oak beech mahogany etc. to choose according to its hardness its rigidity its color but also its resistance to the humidity. Its blade is generally of a thickness of between 10 and 24 millimeters. The advantages of the bambusparkett: - Warm and natural it offers an inimitable seal and comes in many species. - Extremely durable and resistant it guarantees good sound and thermal insulation. - The thickness of Bambus Sichtschutz Elemente allows many renovations and sanding. - The fact that it is crude allows you to apply yourself the finishing product varnish oil white lead hue in larger quantities than in the factory and depending on where it will be installed while choosing exactly the aspect you want to get. - In addition keeping the finishing products that you have used you can make a renovation identical to buying a raw blade even several years later without fear of not finding a similar one.

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However the rough floor requires more work since it is up to you to apply the finishing products. It will have to be carefully maintained and the finish regularly renewed.