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Divorce is more complicated and traumatic for both parties. Couples who argue over matters of finance are more likely to get divorced. If you start a divorce or are served papers, every action you do after can have a long-lasting effect on the results. Letting emotions rule over reason in a divorce case is never a good idea. That’s one reason why people hire family law attorneys so they have a neutral party who knows the laws and can explain options.


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Florida Divorce Law Attorney Big family issues? We have the solution… Address: 200 S.E. 6 th Street, Suite 402,Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


Fort Lauderdale Divorce Law Attorney Divorce is very messy by nature and decision to separate, difficult for both. ARE YOU STRUGGLING WITH A DIVORCE LAW ISSUE?


Facts you Never Knew about Divorce Couples who argue over matters of finance are more likely to get divorced.


Getting a Divorce in Florida Before taking the first steps, you should understand the procedure and what will be expected. Collect All Necessary Information Fill Out the Petition Serving Divorce Papers Disclose Financial Information Discovery Negotiation (Optional) Attending Mediation Final Hearing The state of Florida is a no-fault divorce state. Florida state law allows for a simplified divorce procedure. This type of divorce, attorneys would not need to get involved, but it is still a good idea to have one; a qualified family divorce attorney can make sure you fill out all necessary forms with the correct information.


Simplified Dissolution Both parties agree the marriage is irreconcilable Neither party is pregnant Neither seeks alimony Parties agree on division of assets and debts Have not adopt children under 18 Do not have minor and/or dependent children One member of party has lived in Florida for past six months Both parties agree to use simplified dissolution


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