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Double Decade Celebration with many thanks to the following... Joan Fabry and Michael Klein Double Decade Celebration

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FY Chang Foundation Created to honor Chang Fu-yun, the first Chinese to graduate from Harvard Law School, the Foundation has helped more than 50 Chinese earn Harvard law degrees. US-China Education Trust Created by Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, FY Chang’s daughter and the first Asian American Ambassador in U.S. history.

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OUR MISSION Promoting US-China Relations through Education And Exchange for China’s Next Generation Leaders K N O W L E D G E U N D E R S T A N D I N G C O OP E R A T I O N The most important bilateral relationship in the world is between the United States and China. USCET is the only organization that works primarily in China, focusing on next generation leaders. Its programs teach Chinese about America, encourage cultural and economic exchange, and provide scholarships to the needy. PROMOTING

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AMERICAN STUDIES NETWORK AMERICAN GOVERNANCE MEDIA EDUCATION EXCHANGES & SCHOLARSHIPS ECONOMIC DIALOGUE USCET programs have reached thousands of young leaders, including their professors and mentors, throughout China, educating them about all aspects of American life.

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American Studies Network Strengthens the capacity of American Studies programs in China, facilitating better understanding and cooperation.

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In just 4 years, it has expanded to include 36 of the most influential universities and think tanks in China. American Studies Network

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2007 Beijing Foreign Studies University & Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 2005 Yunnan University 2006 University of Hong Kong 2004 Fudan University Resulted in five dynamic conferences and two books American Studies Network 2008 Sichuan University

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American Governance Expands understanding of the American political system through legislative training in the tools of democracy and civil society.

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Provides opportunities for Chinese to observe and gain first hand experience in American elections. American Governance

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Media Education Brings top American journalists to teach Chinese about the American media.

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Media Education Participants include Pulitzer Prize winners and broadcast journalists. Jonathan Kaufman Gwen Ifill David Broder Haynes Johnson William Raspberry

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Now includes a Media Education Consortium of top Chinese university journalism schools; a successful Financial Media Institute; and fellowships for Chinese journalism professors to study in the U.S. Media Education

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Exchanges & Scholarships Provides fellowships for outstanding Chinese students to live, study and intern in Washington, DC. Gives exceptional students from China’s poorest families an opportunity to attend Yunnan University.

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Since 2002, 22 students have completed the Washington, DC internship program, which they describe as having a “life-long impact.” Exchanges & Scholarships

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Launched in 2007, the Maurice “Hank” Greenberg/CV Starr Scholarship Program has enabled 20 needy students to pursue their dream of higher education. Exchanges & Scholarships

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Economic Dialogue Brings Asian and American scholars together to build understanding of the Chinese-American economic relationship.

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Another focused on the shared economic history across both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The first conference focused on China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. Economic Dialogue

USCET’s next ten yearsPromoting knowledge, understanding, and cooperation : 

With your support, USCET will continue to grow, reaching thousands more of China’s next generation leaders. Our programs will achieve sustainability and long-term effectiveness. Together we will improve mutual understanding and trust between China and America, providing a key to world peace and prosperity. USCET’s next ten yearsPromoting knowledge, understanding, and cooperation

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US-China Education Trust and F.Y. Chang Foundation Double Decade Celebration Designed by: Yan Liu, Hoang Anh Lam, and Mark Isaac

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