ISO 9001 2015 Certification for QMS

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The term “Quality Management System” was coined by Ken Croucher in 1991. He was a British management consultant working on designing and implementing a general model of a QMS in the IT industry.


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ISO 9001 :2015 CERTIFICATION Get A Quote: Call Now! +91 9650807813 Mail: [email protected] | Visit:

What is ISO 9001 certification and what is its importance? :

What is ISO 9001 certification and what is its importance? ISO is an international and non-governmental organization that sets standards of quality, efficiency, and safety of products and services. There are several categories to choose from when you are making a structure of your quality management system. Among the ocean of standards set by the International organization for standardization, ISO 9001 is one of the most popular and efficient. Since 1987, five versions of ISO 9001 have been published. The latest being the 2015 version. The ISO 9001:2015 facilitates Risk based thinking with exercising QMS which in other words mean to determine both the Opportunities and Risks in the industrial procedures to find a persuasive ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management that entirely focus on customers, process approach, the application of Top Management and constant development. Mail: [email protected] | Visit:

Why do you need QMS? :

Why do you need QMS? One of the most important reasons for implementing a quality management system is that it affects almost every aspect of your company's performance. One of these aspects is to keep your stakeholders happy, which are the backbone of any business and QMS Certification aims at meeting the requirements of these people. One of the chief reasons behind establishing a QMS is that it keeps a check on the constant growth of your company, customers which ultimately results in increased sales, customers, and ultimately the expansion of your company. Mail: [email protected] | Visit:

Benefits of getting the ISO 9001 certification:

Benefits of getting the ISO 9001 certification Helps to improve the employee’s performance and obtain the desired result . Effectively fabricates the responsibility of the organization to produce quality products . It provides prevention and control measures to ensure that resources are not wasted . Helps the companies to prioritize their consumers . Improve the products/services you’re providing for your customers Mail: [email protected] | Visit: