ISO 45001 Certification Develop Healthy Workplace

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GMP takes quality assurance approach, which ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by the marketing authorization.


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ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System: To develop Healthy workplace is the top priority of an Organization Currently the organization adopted the workplace health and safety standard to have Occupational Health and safety management system in place. ISO 45001 intended to replace OHSAS 18001. This standard was released in March 2018 to have a meaningful improvement in Organizations related to workplace accidents and occupational disease which was commonly seen before introducing this standard. Stats given by the International labor organization states that more than 2.78 million fatalities result from workplace accidents and occupational disease non-fatal accidents would reach to 374 million. What’s new in ISO 45001 in comparison to OHSAS 18001: The new standard is process-based rather than the procedure based. Like other ISO standard ISO 45001 requires views of understanding of all interested parties in Organizations larger context and views Rather than treating it as a standalone process it is to integrate health and safety into daily operations. For all approaches it is one size fits system has been designed for any Organization. The framework has been formed in such a way to identify and controls health and safety risks reduce workplace accidents legislative compliance aids introduced which improves the overall performance of the Organization. To protect their brands now more and more companies want detailed information about their suppliers’ occupational health and safety best practices. ISO 45001 relate to other ISO Standards As a best practice in any mature Organization the structure of ISO 45001 standard is built around the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach. Within a single management system this standard uses a high- level structure that makes it easier to integrate multiple standards. If key structural elements in place of ISO 9001 for QMS or ISO 14001 for EMS such as monitoring and measurement systems compliance obligation tracking management review corrective actions and other elements then it’s just a matter of adding on the specific element of ISO 45001 certification or any standard which company wants to follow. It would be easier to mix and match to create a custom management system based on the respective requirement.

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Who should get this Certificate Company of any size should get benefit by implementing a system that aligns with the principles of OHS standard. The reason being it is built around best practices in health and safety and in the coming years it will become the primary global workplace safety standard. Some Key highlights of OHS standard: 1. In combination with certain measures such as improving the ability to respond regulatory compliance issues minimizing the overall costs of incidents reducing the costs of disruption to operations reducing absenteeism of an employee and turnover rates Organizations reputation as a safe workplace will be promoted and can have more benefits than before. 2. Regardless of size and culture there is a proper way to develop a policy that fits all organizations. 3. Companies that desire more information from suppliers Standard meeting the needs of those. 4. To assure the business is meeting standards third party certification is also offered. 5. Businesses of all sizes can be easily manageable. 6. Any business can create its benchmarks for their health and safety standards URS India is providing a certificate to their clients for more details please visit our website and also stay tuned for more Insights on the standards.