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It is our mission at UNO Hospital Solutions to provide the best products, services and care to our customers through professionalism and respect. UNO Hospital Solutions will strive to incorporate new products to ensure that the Indian Hospital.


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UNO Hospital Solutions deals in the high quality Medical Equipment. We have a growing dealer network which works tirelessly to generate awareness and make available all our products to our customers. Founded in 2015, UNO Hospital Solutions is Pan-India Distributors of Specialized Disinfection Concept Nocospray of OXY’PHARM/Airel, France and High-Quality LED OT Lights of FAMED, Poland ABOUT US


WHAT IS NOCOSPRAY Nocospray is a compact, portable machine that disperses Nocolyse in the form of vapor throughout a room disinfecting all hard surfaces.The Nocospray Disinfection System is a ready to use, easy to transport disinfection solution ideal for healthcare environments, schools, daycares, gyms, spas, resorts and hotels

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The Nocospray machine disperses the Nocolyse-Food liquid throughout the room at a speed of almost 300km/h through a patented nozzle. The Nocospray is intended for rooms measuring from 50m³ up to 1,000m³ and the Nocomax is for rooms from 500m³ up to 20,000m³. How does it work?

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UNO Hospital Solutions SCO 36, First Floor, Sector 12, Panchkula 134112 Haryana Sourabh Bansal 9888699688

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