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New Underground Rock and Roll Comic Debuts! : 

New Underground Rock and Roll Comic Debuts! http://www.HBoyz.com

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When most people think of comic books, images of caped champions fighting injustice, robots and monsters come to mind.  Traditional comic book readers are accustomed to stories with clear cut good and evil, staring characters who possess amazing abilities.

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Atlanta-based cartoonists and musicians, The H-Boyz, plan to break all those rules.  Creators Clay and Blake Hatrison (a.k.a. Clay and Blake Henss) recently debuted the first issue of their outrageous drug-themed Rock-and-Roll comic book.  The underground comic book is based around the twisted exploits of the two main characters, played in print and in real life by the creators themselves.

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"This is going to be the best underground, self published comic book EVER!" proclaims co-creator and lead guitarist/songwriter for the H-Boyz band, Blake Hatrison. http://www.HBoyz.com

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Inspired by the underground small press comics of such creators as R. Crumb, Gilbert Shelton and Harvey Kurtzman, the H-Boyz promise to reinvent the art form of comics.

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"Our comic book is about the seedy, unsavory side of life that most people don't want to acknowledge," says H-Boyz co-creator Clay Hatrison. "Our characters are unemployed jerks who do lots of drugs, play horrible punk rock music and get into fist fights.  This isn't a comic for kids.  It's a comic book to give the losers of society a voice."

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Complimenting the raucous comic book is a whole catalog of noisy, vulgar rock music, written and recorded exclusively by the brothers themselves.  For more information about the H-Boyz and to buy the first issue of their breakout comic, visit http://www.hboyz.com

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