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This presentation represents how LIS students would advocate for a partnership between libraries and recreation facilities to promote physical, intellectual, and social recreation while emphasizing health, fitness, and wellness information.


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A Focus on Physical Recreation and Health and Fitness Information : 

A Focus on Physical Recreation and Health and Fitness Information Rodney Al Joan Chung Antonia Giannarakos

Goals : 

Goals To inspire residents to access information about health, fitness, and wellness To integrate physical, intellectual, and social recreation as values of all Brampton public facilities.

SMART objective : 

SMART objective The Brampton Public Library system and the Community Development and Recreation Committee establish four mutual pilot programs during Winter 2010 and a working group that will explore how library facilities can be used more effectively as a focus for physical recreation in combination with accessing health and fitness information.

Why is it important? : 

Why is it important? This plan is important in the wake of financial strains and budget cuts in various sectors At the same time, there is also an interest in promoting public wellness, as seen in a variety of campaigns By creating an image of the public library as a "pillar" of the community, around which the various interests of the citizens can be explored, we believe that the library can be presented as a relevant institution

To whom is it important? : 

To whom is it important? Patrons of public recreation centres (includes parents of young children, teenagers, young adults, senior citizens) Users of the public library Public health sector

Decision Makers  City of Brampton : 

Decision Makers  City of Brampton Susan Fennell – Mayor Jamie Lowery – Commissioner, Community Services Department Regional Councillors Paul Palleschi -- Ward 2 & 6 Grant Gibson -- Ward 1 & 5 Elaine Moore -- Ward 1 & 5 Gael Miles -- Ward 7 & 8 City Councillors John Hutton -- Ward 2 & 6 Sandra Hames -- Ward 7 & 8

Decision Makers  Brampton Public Library : 

Decision Makers  Brampton Public Library Library Board Chair – Janice Awade Vice Chair – Roger C. Bunn City Councillors – Vicky Dhillon & Sandra Hames Regional Councillor – John Sprovieri Chief Librarian – Cindy Weir

Advocates : 

Advocates Library Branch Managers Recreation Managers & Facility Managers Librarians Community Groups

General Advocacy Approach : 

General Advocacy Approach Our roles with Brampton Public Library Internal Approach External Approach Gain invitations by decision makers

Internal Advocacy : 

Internal Advocacy Adopt the initiative by City of Brampton & Brampton Public Library Direct proposals Connect with Brampton “Parks, Recreation & Culture” Cultivate internal advocates Use “strategic partnerships” Implement pilot projects

External Advocacy : 

External Advocacy Target elected representatives, Library Board, & senior managers Cultivate external advocates Residents Users Community groups Aligned values Consistent messages Values appeal to decision makers

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