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8/21/2019 Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Society - usm systems - Medium 1/4 Articial Intelligence and Its Impact on Society usm systems Aug 21 · 4 min read Depending on your point of view artificial intelligence AI can be a boogeyman or a potential defender of mankind. Those views like most extreme viewpoints raise considerable arguments but present a complete picture of terrorists. Most of the dark images portrayed by AI involve weapons of superintelligence and autonomy. They are valid concerns However in this article I want to focus on the bright side of AI. Despite Hollywood’s ominous storylines about AI people are starting to warm up to the potential of AI. Last year a survey conducted by Strategy Analytics stated “41 of consumers in China and India believe that artificial intelligence is enriching their lives as technology adopts.” “At Microsoft” we imagine artificial intelligence can help us do more with one of our most valuable things: time. By 2038 personal digital assistants will be trained to meet our needs manage our schedules prepare ourselves for meetings assist in planning our social lives reply to communications and drive routes and drive cars. Many scholars say that AI does much more than just move around and organize our lives. AI and society Business consultant Ronald van Loon emphasized “The role of artificial intelligence equipment in the development of human beings and in doing things previously thought impossible is simply amazing. As the world progresses to an era of unlimited innovation and constraints we can expect AI to have a greater role to play in serving us better. Below are several ways that scholars hope that AI will benefit society. News about AI In the workplace is not so good. Many futurists fear that AI will make humans unnecessary — dramatically increasing unemployment and causing social unrest. Many

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8/21/2019 Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Society - usm systems - Medium 2/4 futurists believe that AI and other information age technologies will create more jobs than it eliminates. Whichever perspective is correct there will be job displacements that require re-training and restructuring. Beyond the impact of AI on employment Peter Daisim co-founder of the host emphasizes that AI makes the workplace safer. He explained “Most jobs although focused on health and safety still carry a significant amount of risk.US The risks to factory employees can be reduced by the use and maintenance of the Industrial Internet of Things. The role of AI and cognitive computing is improving the relationship between management and workplace security. These technologies address the problems of factory workers before they are put at risk. Additionally AI can play a greater role in the factory eliminating the need for humans to work in dangerous areas. AI also helps to ease workers into doing more demanding and satisfying work which frees them up to work harder. In our cities. There is a growing smart city movement aimed at helping urban residents make better use of scarce resources. As the trend of urbanization continues to increase in population smart technologies can help make urban life more enjoyable and affordable. AI systems help traffic management improve public transport monitor water systems and electrical grids and help law enforcement. In our environment. Despite doubts scientists used big data and sophisticated models to show how our climate is changing. Daisheim wrote “So far there is no way to fully understand how human and economic development can affect the environment including their negative impacts on the life of plants and animals. That may soon change as AI provides the tools needed to collect sift and manage exceptional data. … AI helps us better understand how to address development needs while preventing further damage and focusing on sustainability. “ In health care. In fact AI has quietly been helping doctors treat diseases for its entire existence. AI is being used to assist medical professionals in their diagnostics and to develop more efficient drugs. AI helps monitor the situation 24/7 regardless of their location. It can

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8/21/2019 Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Society - usm systems - Medium 3/4 help predict which patients will return to the emergency rooms and may even allow patients to die. In Agriculture. Artificial intelligence is one of the information age technologies that help feed the growing global population using fewer resources. Precision farming and other modern methods rely heavily on these technologies. In Education. Artificial intelligence can be used to personalize education so that students are better suited to their skills temperament and mental abilities. These technologies do not eliminate the need for talented teachers Instead they help free teachers to address special needs. In Transportation. Driverless cars are being followed by every major automobile manufacturer. These vehicles are expected to significantly reduce fatalities due to an accident by reducing human error and constantly monitoring the car’s physical condition. In addition autonomous trucks are being tested in platoons in North Carolina and autonomous ships are expected to supply ocean vessels one day. These are just some of the ways that cognitive technologies can impact our lives in the years to come. Summary “Companies and countries that are doing well in the AI age will embrace these changes faster and more efficiently. Because new jobs and economic growth come to those who adopt technology not those who resist or delay it. “They conclude that AI and other information age technologies make us more than less human. They explain “The expertise of the AI-powered world is more than just science technology engineering and math. When computers behave like humans the social sciences and the humanities become more important. Languages art history economics ethics philosophy psychology and human development courses teach critical philosophical and ethical- based skills in the development and management of AI solutions. For AI to reach its

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8/21/2019 Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Society - usm systems - Medium 4/4 potential in serving humans every engineer needs to know more about the liberal arts and every liberal art major needs to know more about engineering. In many ways AI already knows what life is without. Moskowitz ts “When AI becomes ubiquitous it doesn’t look much.” In other words our lives are improving and we may not understand why. Articial Intelligence Machine Learning Ai Solution Ai Services Ml Services About Help Legal