Why One Should Take Training in Wing Chun?

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In today’s conflict-ridden world, where the news seems to be full of distressing events from around the world, enrolling in a self-defence academy might just be the need of the hour. Learning different self-defence techniques can put adults in a unique position where they can not only protect themselves, but also protect their loved ones and property in times of need.


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Why One Should Take Training in Wing Chun?:

Why One Should Take Training in Wing Chun?


Introduction Ultimate Martial Arts Academy provides training in martial arts for many years and during this time we have seen many students come and go . Our lifestyle is a very significant contributing factor to our health. I have been a doctor for 30 years. When a patient is found to have diseases like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, or obesity, doctors always ask the patient to modify their lifestyle first before taking medication. Unfortunately most of the patients will choose to take medication. Dieting , maybe. Exercise – OH NO! Even if they unwillingly try to exercise, they soon give up. Why? It is because they don’t have a good reason for exercise.


Introduction When people run on a treadmill, they think this is a punishment by their doctor because they are fat, or for having high blood pressure and cholesterol. Such people start their exercise regime with a negative motivation. Surely no one can persevere any training with such negative feelings. In order to engage in training successfully, you need a good reason to start with. This means we need positive motivation.

Always Have Motivation for Training:

Always Have Motivation for Training If we ask our fellow students in the Wing Chun class their reasons for training, some will say to learn self-defence to protect themselves and their loved ones, some want to earn the black belt, some want to have better health. These are all good as well as positive motivations for training. However martial arts training is a very long and hard journey. After a while, all of these good reasons will evaporate. You will find it becoming harder and harder to get out of the house to come train. Why ? It is because there are some important elements missing from our good and positive motivation. It is the joy and fun we get from learning Wing Chun.

Motivations Along Not Enough! What Else?:

Motivations Along Not Enough! What Else? As a student, always try to be a person who loves to learn. By doing so, you can find Wing Chun to be a valuable treasure. Many of our elder candidates are still so excited to explore more and learn even after years of training. Our candidates are amazed at how the founders of Wing Chun developed such a system 300 years ago without much knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Wing Chun Training at Ultimate Martial Arts Academy:

Wing Chun Training at Ultimate Martial Arts Academy Our instructors are like a living encyclopedia of Wing Chun. They always guide candidates step by step through the training . Every Wing Chun training class is an eye-opening experience. A t the end of each class, your whole body can ache, yet you will feel that you have learned something valuable. The most important thing is that you could found joy and fun from learning Wing Chun. The knowledge of self-defence, black belt and good health are only the by-products of the training .

Suburbs We’re Covering:

Suburbs We’re Covering At Ultimate Martial Arts Academy, candidates don’t just come from Hallam, significant number of kids also come from nearby suburbs like: - Hampton Park - Endeavour Hills - Narre Warren - Berwick


Conclusion Interested in getting more information about our wing chun and martial arts classes? Get in touch with us using below given details: https ://ultimatemartialarts.com.au / Ultimate Martial Arts on YouTube Ultimate Martial Arts on Facebook Ultimate Martial Arts on Instagram [email protected] 03 9702 3268 0411 969 182

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