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http://www.ultrasabers.com/category-s/53.htm | Ultra Sabers offers a wide variety of custom lightsaber options. For example, our mid-grade blades give the brightest color glow, are capable of light dueling, and spin tricks. The heavy grade blades are durable, strong, and are meant to withstand ferocious dueling. Our blade and color guide will give you a good idea on which color to choose for your lightsaber. For more information email [email protected]


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Ultra Sabers Blade and Color Guide:

Ultra Sabers Blade and Color Guide Together We Can Rule The Galaxy!

Use The Force:

Use The Force It is imperative to have a stylish, bright and durable saber; Ultra Sabers offers exceptional saber handles and blades in a wide variety of colors. On the following pages we are going to breakdown all the options so that you can own the perfect saber, whether you want to display it on a mantel or use it to storm a fully operational battle station. How to choose the proper blade type to get the best saber color possible.

Blade Types :

Blade Types Ultra Sabers has four types of blades, the first two are clear polycarbonate, and are as follows: Good Against Remotes Is One Thing, Good Against The Living, That’s Something Else. These sabers are not only twice as thick as Mid-Grade blades but also weigh twice as much. Heavy Grade blades are durable and strong; these are meant to withstand brutal dueling and contact. With their strength comes a slight loss in the brightness – this sacrifice is slight, some people don’t notice the difference. These blades are half as thick as H eavy Grade blades and do bend when engaged in light combat. Mid-Grade blades have the brightest glow and are best suited for people looking to participate in light dueling or spinning techniques.   Mid-Grade Heavy Grade


UltraEdge The Force Is Strong With This One. UltraEdge These sabers are made of white polycarbonate and make the blades of Mid-Grade and Heavy Grade sabers look brighter and fuller when illuminated. The white polycarbonate allows the light to reflect throughout the length of the blade. The UltraEdge Heavy Grade blade has more apparent light loss in certain colors than its non- UltraEdge counterpart. The next two blades are the UltraEdge versions of the blades from the pervious page.

Colors :

Colors The sabers come in a wide variety of colors: Luminous Beings Are We .

Emerald Sabers:

Emerald Sabers If colors on the following page are a little too limited, then invest in a Emerald Saber, which is equipped with a versatile LED driver. The driver gives the owner the ability to customize the color of their saber with infinite amounts of color options. I Will Become More Powerful Than You Could Possibly Imagine.

Blade Combinations:

Blade Combinations I’m Here To Rescue You. The following blade/color combinations are a helpful guide to which color goes best with which blade thickness and UltraEdge – these are just suggestions, so feel free to mix and match as you wish.   UltraEdge Heavy Grade Guardian Blue Consular Green Adegan Silver Violet Amethyst Arctic Blue Emerald Sabers (If you don’t plan on using Red a lot)   UltraEdge Midgrade Guardian Blue Consular Green Adegan Silver Violet Amethyst Arctic Blue Emerald Sabers (If you don’t plan on using Red a lot) Heavy Grade and Mid-Grade Fire Orange Blazing Red Guardian Blue Consular Green Adegan Silver Violet Amethyst Arctic Blue Emerald Sabers (If you plan to use a lot of red)

Obsidian Soundboard :

Obsidian Soundboard Depending on what you are planning to do with your saber, you might want to consider the amazing addition of sound. For those who will be engaged in combat it’s the perfect accompaniment. The sounds can be customized for your individual saber. Now I Am The Master.

Blade Lengths :

Blade Lengths There are three blade lengths to choose from: 36” – The default size for most blades 24” – The size of “Initiate” 32” – The perfect size for double-bladed sabers Aren’t You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper ?

Contact Us:

Contact Us For more information, please email us at [email protected] Or visit http://www.ultrasabers.com/ . Ultra Sabers offers the best quality and the brightest blades in the industry. They can withstand combat and look beautiful when illuminated. This Will Be A Day Long Remembered.

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Summary With so many choices at Ultra Sabers it can be hard to know which blade type, length, or color to choose – we break down all the different options and provide some recommendations so that you get the saber of your dreams.