How to build your own customized lightsaber

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Presentation Description | Lightsabers are a great collection to have. At Ultra Sabers, you can personalize your own with sound, color, blade holders and more. If its for you or a loved one, you can’t go wrong with owning a lightsaber. For more information email [email protected]


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Preview This presentation looks at all the various options that are available to the lightsaber enthusiasts that want to control all aspects of their weapon’s construction including: Sound Body Complete Hilts Electronics Emitters, Pommels, and Claws Couplers


Sound Complete audio customization tools for adding sound to your saber. Obsidian USB Soundboards Battery Holder/Speaker Combos 2x 14500 Li-Ion 4x AAA Mini USB Cords


Body The main body sections for a saber, connecting all major parts. Yari (Pike) Silver Finish Black Finish War Glaive Dark War Glaive War Glaive RGB Shock Shock LE Dark Shock RGB Shock RGB Shock LE RGB Bane Bane RGB

Complete Hilts:

Complete Hilts Standard Hilts, ready for assembly and electronics installation. Initiate & Dark Initiate Aeon Dominix Prophecy Bane Shock & Dark Shock War Glaive & Dark War Glaive


Electronics Enhance the power source and lighting options of your blade. Battery Holders Guarded Latching Switches Guarded Momentary Switches Battery Chargers 1000mA Wired BuckPucks Anti Vandal Momentary Switches Modular LED Systems LED Modules

Emitters, Pommels, and Claws:

Emitters, Pommels, and Claws Blade holders, end caps, and accessories that adorn the saber’s hilt and body. Emitters War Glaive Consular Overlord Archon Shock Manticore Pommels Prophecy War Glaive Catalyst Shock Bane Raven Bellicose Archon Overlord Malice Guardian Claws War Glaive Raven Claw


Couplers Combine two sabers to form a double-bladed staff! Customizable Styles: Standard Flush Dark Initiate/Dominix/Phantom Compatible Initiate/Aeon/Phantasm/ Compatible Different Colors Black Silver With and Without Vents No Sound Version Available


Summary This presentation has looked at Ultra Sabers’ many options for creating your own lightsaber from scratch, including: Sound options for customizing audio Different core body styles Complete Hilt options Power sources, lighting options, and other electronics Hilt and body attachments and accessories Couplers for creating twin-bladed weapons

Ultra Sabers:

Ultra Sabers Ultra Sabers are the combat lightsaber specialists. They pride themselves on their three-tiered mission to provide: Quality: Long lasting, bright, evenly lit blades that are strong enough to duel with Affordability: Access to premium quality blades for all those that want them Customer Service: Ultra Sabers values its customers and cares for them from the first steps of the purchasing process through the life of the blade Contact Ultra Sabers: At their website: By Email: [email protected] Ultra Sabers is not Lucas Film, nor do we have any affiliation with Lucas Film. Ultra Sabers LLC is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of its affiliated companies. All Force FX modifications and conversion kits are manufactured and/or performed exclusively by Ultra Sabers LLC and are not reviewed or endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. All brands, trademarks, and character names listed are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

About this Presentation:

About this Presentation This presentation explores the options that are available to lightsaber enthusiasts that are interested in building their own weapons. It goes through the sound, body, hilt, electronics, accessories, and couplers that Ultra Sabers offers to individuals that want to have total control in the construction of their lightsaber.

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