Some Safe Work Practice Tips Shared by Power Cable Manufacturers

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At the unit of power cable manufacturers, there are certain responsibilities shared by people to perform safe work practice with dedication.


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SOME SAFE WORK PRACTICE TIPS SHARED BY POWER CABLE MANUFACTURERS At the unit of power cable manufacturers there are certain responsibilities shared by people to perform safe work practice with dedication. There is a manager health safety and environment that is responsible for maintenance and ownership of this standard. Then there is Manager training that train the staff. Others are authorized persons who comply with this standard. There are certain works that you can perform with high voltage transmission cables i.e. it will be necessary to have the HV cable isolated. The type of work includes-  Work on gas or oil cubicles and external pipe work if there is any risk of draining of oil from the cable. Loss of oil will affect the cable insulation integrity.  Connection and reading of pressure gauges along a route of cable will be needed during work in order to determine the oil leakage area. The readings are accurate when the cable is in a stable thermal condition that you can obtain with the cable off load.

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 If you are using modern cables it is suggested that the cable be isolated even for casual movements. Take it as a suggestion only we are not forcing you to implement it. What are the work procedures Workers who are making maintenance practices for cable follow certain work procedures that are as under-  They make request for access with the cable isolated to access form with LV. If quick recall is needed for system reasons some arrangements should be made to ensure workers will be available.  If further work is not required the LV access authority should be void and the cable must be returned to service.  It is the responsibility of the controller to check the further work requirements with field workers and make apt arrangements accordingly. It is critical when developing safe working procedures to precisely make assessments regarding hazardous voltage rises at work site and where required give a thought to these basic safe working principles-  While working on high voltage cable conductor bonded earth mat working conditions should be employed by the workers. If it is not possible they should adopt insulated working conditions.  One should not introduce remote earths to the local work site mat situation.  One should keep the conductors being worked as short as possible by disconnecting phase conductors and / or sectionalisation of cable sheath.  To maximize the shielding effect one should maximize the number of continuous and earthed parallel conductors. These are the considerations followed by power cable manufacturers when they deal with high voltage cables. For more details you can anytime contact to proficient manufacturing team and ask your questions. This article is originally posted on: power-cable-manufacturers/

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