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Personality Development:

Personality Development By Ulhas Bhale (Bsc.MBA.DLL.GDC&A) [email protected] 9403078755

Personality, Development - Meaning:

Personality, Development - Meaning Personality is the dynamic organization within the individual of those psycho-physical systems that determine his characteristic behavior and thought Development – Unique adjustment to the environments

Important Qualities :

Important Qualities Effective Intelligence. Practical Intelligence. Resourcefulness Improvisation for a solution. Finding a solution when cornered

Reasoning Ability:

Reasoning Ability Receptivity Inquiring Attitude Logical Reasoning Grasping the Essentials of a problem

Social Adaptability:

Social Adaptability Social Intelligence Attitude towards people Tact Adaptability

Ability to Take risk:

Ability to Take risk Ability to perceive and appreciate danger Spirit of adventure and a desire to dare any hazards The capacity to keep cool and maintain poise even under adverse situations


Others Organising ability Power of Expression Cooperation Sense of responsibility – Duty and Discipline Initiative Self Confidence Speed of decision Ability to influence the group Liveliness Determination Stamina

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