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Intro to Data Science:

Intro to Data Science UmeshChandra

Introduction To Data Science :

Introduction To Data Science Data Science is one amongst the fastest-growing, difficult and high paying jobs of this decade. So, the question is what is data science? data science is an interdisciplinary field (it consists of more than one branch of study) that uses statistics, computer science and machine learning algorithms to gain insights from both structured and unstructured data. According to ‘Economic Times’ India has seen more than 400 percent rise in demand for data science professionals across varied industry sectors at a time when the supply of such talent witness slow growth.

About this Course:

About this Course The Introduction to knowledge Science category can survey the foundational topics in knowledge science, namely : Data Manipulation Data Analysis with Statistics and Machine Learning Data Communication with Information Visualization Data at Scale -- Working with Big Data The class can target breadth and gift the topics in short rather than specializing in one topic exhaustive. This will offer you the chance to sample and apply the essential techniques of knowledge science.


ApplicATIONS 1. Marketing There is a huge scope in marketing, for example, Improved Pricing strategy  Companies like Uber, e-commerce companies can use data science-driven pricing which allows them to increase their profits. 2. Healthcare Using wearable data to prevent and monitor health problems. The data generated from the body can be used in healthcare to prevent future emergencies. 3. Banking and Finance As we discussed the introduction to data science now we will go ahead with the application of data science uses in the  banking sector for fraud detection  which can be helpful in reducing the Non-Performing Assets of banks. 4. Government Policies The Government can use data science to prepare better policies to cater better to the needs of the people and what they want using the data they can get by conducting surveys and others from other official sources.

Advantages :

Advantages In this topic of Introduction To Data Science, we also show you the advantages of Data Science. Some of them are as follows: It helps America to induce insights from the historical information with its powerful tools. It helps to optimize the business, hire the right persons and generate more revenue as using data science helps you to make better future decisions for the business. Companies can develop and market their products better as they can better select their target customers. Introduction to Data Science also helps consumers search for better goods, especially in e-commerce sites based on the data-driven recommendation system.

Disadvantages :

Disadvantages As we studied about the introduction to data science now we are going ahead with the disadvantages of data science: The disadvantages are generally when data science is used for customer profiling and infringement of customer privacy, as their information, such as transactions, purchases, and subscriptions, is visible their parent companies.The information obtained  mistreatment   knowledge  science  is  used against  a precise   cluster , individual, country or community.


Outcomes On fortunate completion of this unit a student ought to be ready to: analyze the role of data in organizations, including curation and management issues; apply basic tools for performing exploratory data analysis and visualization; apply basic tools for managing and processing big data; apply basic predictive modeling and data analysis methods; determine data storage and processing requirements for a data science project; identify data resources and standards.

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