A Few Special Ways to Celebrate New Year 2020


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The New year is defined as an event that happens when the earth completes its rotation around the sun in 365 days.


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A Few Special Ways to Celebrate New Year 2020 Some Facts about the New Year celebrations The New year is defined as an event that happens when the earth completes its rotation around the sun in 365 days. But there is also a concept of leap year that comes once in four years and it has 366 days. Follow us on

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There are so many cultures around the world that celebrate the new year on the 1st of January and its a public holiday. You can find that New Year occurs on January 1st in the Gregorian calendar which is greatly used in todays calendar system. And this fact can also be found in the Julian and Roman calendar. There are various cultures present in the world that celebrate the new year according to their customs. For ex: Chinese New Year the Islamic New Year traditional New Year and the Jewish New Year are some of the popular ones. India and several other countries still celebrate New Year on different dates. Unique and Creative Ways to Ring in The New Year Do something outstanding this New Year by accompanying your family and friends together. So just rock this New Year celebration and make it a memorable event. But also try to include some of these interesting ideas that we have given in this article in your celebration to get a unique experience this New Year 2020 ​ ​in a special way. 1. Organize a New Year Party To celebrate the New Year with your friends and family in a great enjoyable way you should organize a great New Year party for that. If you organize a New Years party then it should also have great games for all age groups of people to have a wonderful time at your party. Follow us on

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The theme of the ​New Year party ​ depends on the age group of people that are invited to the party. Having a great party atmosphere helps in lifting the spirit of people high and offers a great bonding between people. It is a great time to celebrate the successful completion of a year together with your friends and family. You can plan to have this awesome New Year’s party wherever you want like at your home or any other suitable place as you wish. 2. Play Some Interesting Family Games Go accompany your family and friends together this New Year and create a special memory by playing interesting ​New Year games ​. You can play board games like Uno and so many other games and create a great enjoyable atmosphere at your home. Follow us on

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Playing games at New Year with family and friends helps in creating a great bonding and also a great way to relax and enjoy the end of the year. If you are traveling with your close friends then playing these games is an awesome idea to have a great time on this special day. There are some New year activities that you can do with your friends and family like sing songs play dumb charades musical chairs etc that are great for enjoying a good time together. 3. Watch a Great Movie Watching Movies with family and friends is a great idea for the New Year. But choosing the right movie which is enjoyable for every age group is a challenging task to do. You can have lots of popcorn to have a theater-like feel at your home which makes the movie experience much better. Follow us on

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If you have a home theater ​sound system ​ at your home then the sound experience that you will get can be extraordinary and that will make this ​ ​New Year movie ​ ​more enjoyable. There are some snacks that you can prepare for making the movie more interesting like french fries cutlets etc. So get the right ​ ​New Year movie to celebrate this day with great fun and enjoyment with your family and friends. 4. Visit Some Exotic Place Make this New Year more exotic and happening by visiting some new places and destinations for celebration. You can select different types of places like hill station city beaches heritage places to celebrate the New Year. Get to a great happening destination this New year for celebration and make it a memorable event. Some of these destinations have a great fireworks display for welcoming the new year. Follow us on

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You can find one of the best New Year celebrations ​ ​happens in Australia. They celebrate New year earlier than other places due to its time zone difference. All around the world people are ready for the New Year celebration also New York city has geared up for New Years Eve ball drop. This celebration happens in the centers around the glittering crystal Times Square. The place is filled with tourists confetti and thousands of joyous people who are ready to ring in the New Year. Soon there will be lots of people on the streets of Time Square jostling to get a glimpse of 5386 kg sparkling ball. There is an estimate of one billion people this year who will watch the ball drop on TV and some lucky ones will watch it at Times square. Follow us on

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5. Hit the Town Most major towns or cities have great New Year decoration for celebrating New Year and hotels organize special New Year parties to make this day more special. There are lots of people who have done advance bookings for these special parties to get all the facilities that the hotels are providing. There are great bands or DJs invited to the party to entertain the guests. In some places there are unlimited drinks and food available with great games to keep the party going on until the wee hours in the morning. There is a great shout of joy and celebration when the clock strikes 12 am and people wish each other. So get ready for the grand party by wearing a stylish ​New Year dresses and outfits ​ ​to celebrate in style. Follow us on

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6. Take a Family Picture Want to celebrate the New Year in a unique way then take lots of pictures with your family and friends at the end of the year. And capture all the great memorable time of New Year with your family and friends. If you take photos of every New Year celebration then you will find that you have got a great collection of pictures that will show how people change their looks by passing year and also help in cherishing the old memory. Make a great special album to put all the photos related to the New year. This photo helps one to remember all the good times that they had together. Follow us on

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7. Go Camping Camping is a great idea for celebrating New Year with your dear ones away from the hectic crowds of the cities. Select the place you want to go camping. Staying close to nature for welcoming the New year is a great way to create bonding with the natural surroundings. You can find less sound pollution and other types of distractions at camping and can celebrate the New Year with great relaxation. But you should need certain items to have an awesome New Year celebration during camping like ​camping gear ​ cameras and should carry some great food items and champagne for welcoming New Year in full joy. You can also enjoy watching the moon and stars closer with a telescope by scanning the sky at night. Follow us on

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8. Facetime or Call Close Friends and Family It is always great to wish Happy New Year to friends and family who are out of reach through video calls or voice calls. Wish your dear ones by using ​mobile ​ ​laptop ​ or ​tablet ​ and make them happy. By doing so you can build good relationships and strengthen the bonding between you and your family and friends. You can feel loved and blessed by the people who you show your love through greeting that you care and have a concern about them. Especially at the starting time of the New Year. Conclusion These are some great ways to ring in the New Year. Choose the one that you like and select the product that you wanted from the ​ ​New Year sale ​ ​ and some other ​New Year Gifts ​ to make this Follow us on

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celebration filled with more excitement. So just enjoy life wisely since there is very little time to live it so live the life with full blast. Gather lots of good memories in this lifetime and carry it all with you all the time and don’t let it get lost. So now you have an idea about how the new year is celebrated after reading this article. Have a great blast of enjoyment. Happy New Year Follow us on

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