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Title: INTERIM PRESENTATION Date: 20th November 2009 NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC Liaison Officer: Mr. Cheung Kian Wah Alternate Liaison Officer: Mr. Chia Chang Fatt YEAKIN PLASTIC INDUSTRY PTE LTD Directing Manger: Mr. David Lee QA Manager: Mr. David Lim Assistant QA Manager: Ms. Jenny Tan Report done by: Zhang Junsheng Student Number: S10043524K

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Company Profile

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VISION Integrated

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Our Vision To be a world-class manufacturer of Customer choice for environmental-friendly products, widely recognized for leadership and excellence in Quality and Service. Our Mission Statement To deliver defect-free, safe and eco-friendly products in compliance with Customers’ and applicable statutory / regulatory requirements on time at utmost value through enthused people. Our Integrated Policy (Quality and Environment) We shall design, develop, purchase, Manufacture and deliver environmental friendly products of the highest quality and reliability at the lowest total cost that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations We shall fully define and understand the requirements of our jobs, our processes and the systems that support us. We shall conform to these requirements at all times or cause the requirements to be officially changed to what we and Customers’ need. We shall continuously improve the Integrated Management System and conform to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. We shall constantly educate our employees, maintain, and if necessary, upgrade our facilities towards safe, healthy and eco-friendly environment. We shall continuously make improvement to reduce the generation of wastes and pollutants by adapting the 3’R’ methodology: Reduce Reuse Recycle. To implement this policy, we shall do our jobs right the first time.

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Our Milestone

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Production Facilities Yeakin Plastic Industry Pte Ltd (Head Office) No1, Woodlands Walk Woodlands East Industrial EstateSingapore 738366 Tel: (65) 6753 7333 Fax: (65) 6759 6355 PT Yeakin Plastic IndustryLot 20, Jalan Gaharu, Muka KuningBatam Industrial Park, Batam Island, Indonesia Tel: (62) 770 611443 Fax: (62) 770 611450Lot 15, Jalan Beringin, Muka KuningBatam Industrial Park, Batam Island, Indonesia Tel: (62) 770 612549 Fax: (62) 770 612494 YPI Plastic Industry (Suzhou) Co., LtdHuashan Road 158-10, Fengqiao Suzhou New DistrictSuzhou, China P.C. 215011 Tel: (86) 512 6619949 Fax: (86) 512 6611078

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Managing Director Tan Pang Kheng Director Marketing & Biz Dev David Lee Director & Factory Mgr (Batam) Chua Peng Long Environmental Organization (See Page 3 of 3) HR / Admin Mgr Sheila Chua Finance Manager Soh Poh Choo Sales/ Support Mgr Jenny Oh Engineering Manager (CAD/CAM & Tooling) James Mah QA Manager David Lim Account Manager Lynn Chua Project Manager (Vacant) Purchaser Tan Tai Siong BATAM ORGANISATION Project Engineer Brian Tan Planning Executive Siau Sze Lian Logistic Assistant Joan Kok Tooling Advisor (Vacant) Snr CAD/CAM Engineer Chu Bo Toolroom Supvr Chong Chin Wee Asst QA Engineer Jenny Tan CNC Supervisor Toh Gim Soon Organization Chart – Singapore Plant

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Director & Factory Manager (Batam) Chua Peng Long Asst Operations Mgr (Batam) Derrick Chua Finance Manager (Singapore) Soh Poh Choo HR / Admin Manager (Singapore) Shelia Chua Bee Hon Engineering Manager (Singapore) James Mah Kheng Boon QA Manager (Singapore) David Lim Boon Piao HR Manager (Batam) Yoki Asst Planning Mgr (Batam) Lita Lim HR / AccountsOfficer (Batam) Merry Planner (Batam) Eddyanto Store Supervisor (Batam) Sony Toolroom Suprindentent (Batam Lot 20) (Vacant) Asst Production Mgr (Batam Lot 20) Jojo D Rosario Bayani Snr Prodn Suprintendent (Batam Lot 20) Bey Yew Khoon Production Supervisor (Batam Lot 20) Romulo Ecevedo Process Engineer (Batam Lot 20) Mohamed Amir Ismail Asst QA Manager (Batam Lot 20) Chris Lim Choon Huat Asst QA Manager (Batam Lot 19) Kee Show Siong QA Engineer (Batam Lot 19) Donna Snr Prodn Suprintendent (Batam Lot 19) Devaraj Ramesh Process Supervisor (Batam Lot 19) Gudragunawar Printing Supervisor (Batam Lot 19) Wah Poh Chee QA Engineer (Batam Lot 20) (Vacant) Organization Chart – Batam Plant

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Managing Director Environmental Performance Environmental Response Environmental System Management Representative Environmental Register ISO Team Environmental Programme Top Mgt/ Dept Hds/ EMR Emergency Response Team Safety Committee Environmental Monitoring Facility Housekeeping Maintenance Supervisor Health & Safety (HR/ Admin Dept) Waste Transportation (HR/ Admin Dept) Air (Dust) Test (HR/ Admin Dept) Noise Test (HR/ Admin Dept) Water Test (HR/ Admin Dept) Organization Chart – Environmental Organization Structure

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Director & Factory Manager (Batam) James Mah Snr CAD/CAM Engineer Chu Bo Tooling Advisor (Vacant) Toolroom Supervisor Chong Chin Wee CNC Supervisor Toh Gim Soon Mould Designer Pan Jian Rong Mould Designer Mah Peng Fei Mould Designer Joslin Hor CAM Programmer Li Cheng Jie CAM Programmer R Abdul Hameed Lead Mould Maker (Team 2) Jun Zhong Mould Maker Zhang Ying Teng Lead Mould Maker (Team 1) Du Jia Jun Mould Maker Zhang Jun Feng Lead Mould Maker (Team 4) Lee Peng Fei Mould Maker Zhang Lin Jun Lead Mould Maker (Team 3) Chan Yoon Hin Mould Maker Bai Liu Gen Lead Mould Maker (Team 2) Jun Zhong Mould Maker Zhang Ying Teng Polisher Xu Xiang Polisher Zhang Hai Bo Lead EDM Machinist Jeffrey Tan Kwee Keong EDM Machinist Zhang Peng Fei CNC Machinist Chen Chuan Jian CNC Machinist Dong Hai Bo CNC Machinist Wang Jun WC Machinist Hu Jia Ming WC Machinist Huang Wei Organization Chart – Mould & Toolroom Organization Structure

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I define internship as an experience of learning process, whereby you have to adapt any kind of office environment be it the work, the management, the project, even the peers.

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You're on your own, to solve, quick thinking and analysis the best choice. Independent

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Internship is a period where one gets to evolve to being a more complete student, where one is a representative of the school, the image, just imagines how one can destroy the reputation of school just like that. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU !?!? Customer ‘s Complaints GAMES

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It is a final examination, where student will undergo real working situation, apply the knowledge obtained in school, and see how he/she fare in the eyes of lecturers and supervisor.

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Making mistakes here are not pardon; exceptions are made 2 or less time. Deadline for projects are not negotiable. Opportunities are there to grab, they won't fall on you. OPPORTUNITY

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My Work Experiences

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Administrative Telemarketer Interim Student 3 Different Working Experiences