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TXTImpact offers SMS Gateway connectivity over 800 global mobile networks through it's Text Messaging Services for businesses. Visit us to know more.


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Text Messaging Service : Bringing Businesses The Best Of Advertising Text Messaging Service For Business is a sustainable and effective method of business communication today that TXTImpact brings to you. They have been proven to reach out to their target base with ease even going to places with this marketing and effective communication helping in expanding your business.

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Business Text Messaging service is a cost effective and relatively easy way of marketing to a target customer or client base. It can also be used to send out reminders and notifications to customers. Many medical clinics have been quite quick to adopt this to help confirm and remind patients about appointments etc.

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Some of the Business Text Messaging services offered by TXTImpact are: SMS API : TXTImpact SMS API offers easy integration of the platform into both old and new Enterprise solutions. They are a leading provider of SMS gateway platforms with a choice of protocols such as HTTP, SMTP and other web services . Appointment Reminder : This service can be used to remind, confirm and cancel appointments very easily. Clients can reply directly to the text message thus greatly reducing business management costs.

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Text Messenger : The cloud based text messenger tool allows for effective 2-way communication between the web and mobile phones in 200 countries worldwide including the US and Canada . Mass Text Service : It is an intuitive app and web based platform which allows mass text messaging services to a potential customer database, members, clients etc . Email to Text : A service to convert email messages to text messages and vice versa for the replies received.

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Outlook Text Message : Allows businesses to send out text messages from email platforms such as Outlook 2007, 2010, SharePoint 2010 etc . International SMS Service : Allows business to communicate with clients and customers in over 200 countries with our network of more than 800 operators . Group Texting Mobile App

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Toll Free Texting : Allows businesses to receive text messages from customers and clients in their existing toll free number. The messages are pushed to the cloud based interface or to business emails and smart phones for effective management . Long Code Texting Number : It’s a dedicated virtual mobile number, which allows business to receive replies . Landline Texting : Allows customers to send messages to existing landline numbers. The text is then pushed to emails, smart phones and cloud based interfaces.

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Explore the various facilities available through TXTImpact.com and help us make your communication more effective with reduced costs . Please Contact Us: TXTImpact SMS Marketing Solutions Contact Person : Susan Raj Address: 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY-10003 Contact No. 800-605-0280 & 212-300-5984 E-mail ID: [email protected] Website : https://www.txtimpact.com/