Kat walk mini omni directional treadmill

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Kat walk mini is one of the popular omni directonal treadmill in VR market. Kat walk mini provides extra support so that you can play any VR game without any worry of harm and enjoy the reality of VR world. to buy Kat Walk mini in USA you can visit our website or call us at (866)953-6665


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KAT Walk Mini – Omnidirectional Treadmill Twisted Reality is Authorized distributor of KAT VR’s in USA. They are the first to market with a "Ready Player One" style Omni-directional made for home use. Check the most popular KAT walk mini omni directional treadmill and You can   purchase any of VR accessories to enjoy the virtual reality world.

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KAT Walk Mini Kat VR has reform the VR industry with its new cutting edge Omni Directional Treadmill named "Kat Walk Mini". Enjoy the infinite spaces with full 360 motion while maintaining the ability to walk, run, crouch, sit, strafe, and even jump! It takes your VR experience to the next level by adding a Kat VR "ODT" for complete captivation with your virtual world.  This cutting edge machine provides you a vehicle for movement with any locomotion compatible application. Whether for business, gaming, training, or even educational explorations, the Kat Walk Mini has you covered!

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KAT VR ODTs KAT Walk mini KAT Walk Premium You can purchase world’s best ODT in United States through Twisted Reality!!

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CONTACT US Ready to take VR  to the next level? Contact us today to make it your reality! Twisted Reality LLC (843)360-1432 [email protected] Website: https://www.twistedrealityarvr.com/

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