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LIBS 201 : 

LIBS 201 Lecture Four: Jacoby and Paper #2

Turning in Paper #1: 

Turning in Paper #1 Go to Digital Drop Box under Student Tools to SEND the paper Make sure the file itself is named correctly: your last name and P1, with no spaces or special characters Papers that do not follow the Paper Format Guidelines in the Syllabus will not be graded

The Age of American Unreason: 

The Age of American Unreason Like Bauerlein, Jacoby is writing about a-literacy in American culture and the distracting effects of technology Unlike Bauerlein, Jacoby also examines a persistent thread of anti-intellectualism in American culture The causes of this include: Religious fundamentalism Youth culture Anti-rational beliefs about science The lack of national education standards

This week: DB #s 19-22: 

This week: DB #s 19-22 Read Jacoby’s first two chapters Write about the Intro and Ch 1 in DB #s 19 and 20, and write about Chapter 2 in DB #s 21 and 22 If there are more than enough questions, try to avoid repeating someone else’s post Remember: for a response to count, it must be at least 150 words!

This week: Bauerlein: 

This week: Bauerlein Finish the main text in Bauerlein – the appendix on MLA documentation we’ll use later Use the chapters you read before drafting Paper #1 as guides for finding a topic – you’ll be doing a similar topic proposal Use the chapters you have read since to think about various methods of research you might use for Paper #3 and your Term Paper Spring Break next week – NO CLASS!

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